Painting the Town Gray

I’ve noticed a trend in my recent paint projects:

Oh. my.  And yet, I’m at it again.
I found this huge mirror on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and I simply couldn’t pass it up.  It began a dark red, almost-maroon color with significant (dare I say too much because it looked a little fake?) distressing.
The distressing was significantly textured, so I knew my new finish would need to capitalize on that texture.
I began with a base coat of ASCP in Paris Gray.
I then mixed up some chalk paint (see tutorials and help here and here) in Dovetail by SW and dry brushed it on.  I followed up with MMS dark wax.  I love the dimension it provides.
The mirror is actually going in our bedroom (where I am making progress since I painted it white, I promise), but I wanted to give you a good view of the mirror without giving away what’s happening in the bedroom, so here it is in our entryway (you can see how the entryway normally looks in the tour here).
I love how big the frame is.
And the additional light it will bring into our bedroom will be wonderful.
I am actually sitting in my bedroom now enjoying the subtle texture that it brings to the wall… I’m excited to show you all its final destination soon.  I don’t regret painting yet another thing gray at all…. In fact, my Paris Gray quart still has a lot left, so watch out!
Am I the only one who gets on a kick like this?

Did you enjoy that?

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