Free Lightroom Presets for Interiors
beautiful kitchen image with overlay that reads LIghtroom Presets for Interiors

FREE Lightroom Presets for Interiors

Tired of dark, dull, lifeless interior photographs?

Tired of spending hours editing your images?

Create light, bright edits instantly… without sacrificing depth and detail!

If you are a blogger, interior designer, real estate agent, or creative small business owner trying to photograph interiors, then these presets are for you.  Use these presets to develop a professional, editorial quality to your brand and images…

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2 Presets

Rachel's favorite presets for basic interiors as well as a favorite for a bolder, more dramatic look.

Powerful Edits

Deep, rich edits that will bring a professional, editorial quality to your brand!

2 Formats

Each preset is available formatted for both JPG and RAW files, so you can optimize your images.