Painted Mat Tutorial

Sorry for the late post today, friends! It’s amazing how much harder it is to accomplish things when Mr. Pax is traveling! 😉  But I do have a great tip for you all today:

I recently wanted to update a very large (and therefore VERY expensive to reframe, especially since it is not a standard size) frame. It’s mat had faded after 40+ years to an awful and uneven orangey brown.

The room for which it is destined is a slightly blue gray with lots of deep, warm wood tones… Needless to say, the orangey brown wasn’t going to work. Rather than buy a new frame, I decided that a new mat would suffice. But before I paid for a new mat, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try a little paint. I recently splurged and bought some ASCP in Paris Gray (a furniture makeover using that to come soon!), so I gave it a try. I figured that the quick-drying nature of chalk paint was probably a good match for a mat as it is paper, technically, and we don’t want it to get so wet that it buckles. Long story short… success!!

Here are just a few tips:

  1. Make sure your brush is completely dry.
  2. Do 2 (or more) very thin coats rather than one thick one.
  3. Use soft brush strokes so as not to damage the surface of the mat.
Remember, it is paper, after all.  And don’t panic if it looks especially streaky after one or two coats…
Give it time to try; it should even out. 🙂  Come back soon to find out what this enormous mat is for!
How about you? Have you painted mats before?

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