Rustic Modern Bedroom Makeover with Twin Beds

Don’t miss this incredible before and after bedroom makeover! Get twin bedroom ideas for girls or guests with this white farmhouse bedroom.

vintage rug and white twin beds | Maison de Pax

Some interior design makeovers are like sprints, while others are more like marathons… It’s been 2.5 years since we purchased Little Pax Ranch, so I guess this planked bedroom makeover falls into the marathon category.

It’s been a stupendous combination of indecision, procrastination, distraction, delayed shipments, and more… but I’m actually thankful for all those delays. If I had rushed into making over this space when we first renovated the rest of the ranch house, I don’t think it would have ended up like this.

Sometimes it takes time to settle on the right direction. Life lesson here, friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

Twin Guest / Girl Bedroom

Anyway, enough philosophizing… on to the reveal! But before we do, just a quick shot to help you appreciate how far this small twin bedroom has come. This is what it looked like when we purchased the ranch.

dated room with orange pine paneling and tile floors | Maison de Pax

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I think it was originally intended more like a den or second living room, but since it has a closet (and we have lots of kids – ha!), we use it for a bedroom.

When we did the main renovation on the ranch, we had these engineered white oak floors (which we love, see more about them in this post) and recessed lights as well as this ceiling fan installed.

orange pine wood paneled walls before painting | Maison de Pax

When we stay at the ranch, it’s where my two little girls sleep. But when friends or family stay, it’s often used by adults… so I really wanted to try to make it a comfortable twin bed guestroom for any of those potential occupants.

It was a tricky room design to wrap my head around. I wanted it to be special for my daughters, but not too girly or childish.

twin bedroom with white planked walls, vintage furniture, and colorful accents | Maison de Pax


Bedroom Paint Makeover

As you can see, it all started with my favorite diy project: paint (all the best makeovers do ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). We started with a wall diy paint job on the wood planks. We also painted the metal door and some of the wood trim. Before, the orange walls felt depressing, but now I love the planks and the gorgeous texture they provide.

white farmhouse bedroom with planked walls, twin beds, black door, and pot belly stove | Maison de Pax


Don’t miss the full tutorials on how to paint paneling and how to paint wood trim if you have any to paint yourself.

I am actually still undecided about the wood doors on this side of the room (as well as the little white nook with wood shelves)… So I’m giving myself more time to decide since that plan seems to be working well so far. ๐Ÿ˜‰

white planked walls with wood doors in white farmhouse bedroom | Maison de Pax

The door is Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams (one of my favorite paint colors – a pretty true jet black). And I love how bright and clean the while walls make the room feel!

bedroom with black door, white planked walls, brick accent, pot belly stove | Maison de Pax

Antique and Vintage bedroom furniture

None of the furniture in this room was purchased except for the little stool from IKEA (which my daughters actually stole from beside the clawfoot tub in the bath at the ranch).

antique sewing machine with modern brass mirror above | Maison de Pax

The antique sewing machine, which belonged to my husband’s grandparents, is the perfect size for a little desk/vanity for the girls.

The beds are antiques and belonged to my maternal great grandparents. The mahogany color isn’t my favorite, but they’re in great shape, and I kind of like the contrast it provides to all the white.

antique wood twin beds with rustic raw pine dresser in white farmhouse bedroom | Maison de Pax

The old raw pine dresser is also an antique and was one of my paternal great grandmother’s old barn finds (she loved rustic, primitive antiques). I love seeing the beds beside the dresser as a mix of the styles of the different branches of our family tree.

Speaking of mixing styles, my other grandmother really loved formal, elegant French and Italian furniture. And I just inherited this little peach armchair when she passed away this spring. My girls love how fancy it is, and it’s actually remarkably comfortable.

antique french armchair with peachy cream fabric | maison de pax

I love the balance it provides to the stark black and white in the room and other modern accents.

white farmhouse bedroom with antique furniture and modern accents | Maison de Pax

Mixing vintage and modern accents

Speaking of modern accents, every person who has walked into this room has asked me where I got these lamps. Aren’t they amazing? I love how the modern lines of the lamps complement the super rustic dresser and more formal twin bed frames.

antique twin beds with modern lamps and rustic dresser | maison de pax

And my beautiful custom Roman shades were a huge hit when I shared them on Instagram. Select Blinds gave me a discount on these shades, and I love them. I chose the Classic Roman Shade in White Linen with blackout liner, and it’s the perfect modern clean look with just the right texture.

white linen roman shade with blackout liner in white farmhouse bedroom | Maison de Pax

I offset the antique sewing machine with a modern brass mirror.

antique sewing machine used as vanity with modern brass mirror | maison de pax

And all the curvy vintage furniture with more straight, simple, modern frames for the art.

white farmhouse bedroom with modern vintage art | Maison de Pax

Mixing modern, vintage, and traditional styles is my favorite!

Choosing a color scheme: Navy and Copper

Though a neutral girl at heart, I was inspired by the pot belly stove to bring a bit more color into this space. I found this perfect rug online and loved how it brought together the black of the door and stove pipe, the rich navy of the stove itself, and the coppery and rusty tones of the brick.

vintage rug with navy and copper colors in white farmhouse bedroom | Maison de Pax

I then pulled some of those darker rust colors onto the beds with some vintage rug pillows I found from this shop on Etsy.

twin bed with white bedding, vintage rug pillow, and vintage art above bed | Maison de Pax

It sounds crazy and intense, but I think the planked white walls make the black and white room with navy and copper and rust colored accents actually very soothing.

Vintage wall art

My final addition to the space was the vintage art prints I found online. I let my older daughter help me choose, and she chose prints that pulled together the faded yet moody colors I had already gathered and complemented the rest of the room beautifully..

We printed them at our local print shop and framed them all from my (rather large) stash of old frames in my garage, so it made for a super affordable wall art!

I find designing kids rooms can be so fun, but bedroom designs that also work for guests are tricky! As I mentioned, I’m so pleased we took our time with this space. I think it took us somewhere different than we would have done right away… but I love the final result.

antique twin beds with modern lamps and rustic dresser | maison de pax

Have you ever found it better to take your time with a space? I’d love to know how it turned out!

Don’t forget to pin it. ๐Ÿ™‚

white farmhouse bedroom with mix of vintage and modern | Maison de Pax


Many of the pieces I used for this space are antique or vintage, but shop a similar look below!

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  1. The room is lovely and everything in it seems just right. I love love love the beds and their mahogany finish. The juxtaposition of the beds and the black and white is wonderful, like the peach chair. The rug, pillows, and art pull everything together and the lamps are great for repeating the black.

  2. Beautiful!! I love it all, and my opinion is to leave the two wood doors as is on the other wall. I think the wood helps warm up and balances nicely with all the white on the walls. For the small nook, I would paint or wallpaper the back (inset) walls perhaps? Or leave as is. Beautiful job!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    I actually like the natural wooden doors and wood on the shelves. I think it warms up that side of the room. Nice job! It looks comfortable and welcoming.

  4. Hi Rachel! I following you on insta too, and love your style! Is the dark color in the rug in this photo charcoal gray, black or navy? Itโ€™s hard to tell. I was thinking of getting it for my family room, and I have a charcoal gray sectional sofa. What do you think?
    Also love those two lamps…I think Iโ€™ll order those too, in the taupe for the kids room Itโ€™s so wonderful to get ideas from someone with such a โ€œflairโ€! Hope you donโ€™t mind me copying!๐Ÿ˜‰.
    Thank you,

    1. Awww, thank you, Joan! And great question. It was the same thing I was wondering when I ordered it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s actually got all three colors… so I think you’re safe. I hope this helps!

  5. Wonderful! What a nice space! I love your mix of colors and styles. That’s why I follow your blog. God bless you and your family.

  6. What an inspiring room! I have lived with a guest bedroom with old real wood paneling for year-refused to paint it (good wood). I am now thinking white or off white would look great, esp. after you mentioned the texture. In addition, I have inherited an antique sewing machine (my grandmother’s). Now have to do something with that. The beds in my guest room are old dark wood twin beds (they were my mother’s). They will look really good with the lighter walls. Thank you so much.

  7. I think you did a wonderful job with the bedroom. The natural wood doors do look great as is and I love the stove! The Singer sewing machine cabinet looks great also, an antique for sure! My mother-in-law had one like that that one of my daughters got from the estate.

  8. This is stunning! I was looking for a rug for our newly renovated basement, and this one seems perfect as it will pull out the honey brown from the floors, the taupe/grey from the sofa, and grey from a recliner. It looks warm and inviting. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I think you were spot on taking the time to study this room. It is just perfect! I think my favorite pieces are those twin beds. The contrast with the white planked wall is so eye catching! You did a beautiful job! Your girls or your guests will be thrilled to spend a night in this cozy space. Nice job!!!

  10. This is a FABULOUS makeover/reno! I love the antique look, and I LOVE white & beadboard (I’m from New England originally). Surprisingly I really like the natural wood on the other 2 doors, I think a dark color would make it look to cold and modern.

  11. I really love the black door with the beds and black lamps it seems to ground the room. You always come up with the best ideas. Have a wonderful weekend Rachel.

  12. Keep those doors as they are! This is a beautiful room and so nice that you used family heirloom furniture! GREAT JOB!

  13. Just beautiful ! I’d love to know where your lamps came from please. When I click on the link for them, nothing happens. Thanks !

  14. I absolutely LOVE this! And love that rug! When I click the links for the rug they don’t work. Where did you get it?

  15. How would you rate the quality of that rug? Do you have a pad for it? This would be ideal for our room but since I can’t touch it, I”m hesitant. Any input would be appreciated

    1. I love the rug. It is not plush, but it is soft to the touch. I find that rugs are a very personal taste, though. If you like thick rugs, then I would recommend a pad under it. I hope this helps!

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