Marble Tile Combinations for Bathrooms

Considering marble tile in a bathroom? Get the pros and cons of marble tile plus some marble tile combinations perfect for any bathroom design!

marble shower with polished nickel shower system | Maison de Pax
honed 6×12″ carrara marble wall tiles with 2″ tumbled marble hex shower floors

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of marble bathrooms. In fact, I’ve used marble tile in almost every single one of my bathroom remodels since this blog began, and I’ve got loads of marble bathroom ideas for you.

Today, specifically, I want to share some marble tile combinations that have been catching my eye lately. These are marble bathroom floor and shower tiles that I think would make beautiful spaces. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, or if you just like beautiful bathroom ideas, this post is for you.

Marble Bathroom Ideas

Before I share the exact marble tiles I’m loving right now, let’s chat for a minute about using marble tile in bathrooms. After sharing our master bathroom remodel, I received many of these questions:

  • Should you use marble in a bathroom?
  • Should you use marble on a bathroom floor?
  • And should you use marble tile in a shower?
  • Is marble tile durable?

And my short answer is… yes!

Is it maintenance free? No. But we have now had marble bathrooms, marble countertops, and marble shower walls for years… and I wouldn’t change a single one. I love the color, the veins, the texture, and the movement of real marble.

navy bathroom vanity with polished marble countertop and white handmade wall tile
polished marble countertop

Installation of marble tile can be tricky, as natural stone tiles can sometimes be more apt to chip than ceramic or porcelain tiles. But with proper installation, marble tile can be beautiful for years.

Whether you prefer a traditional style or a more modern bathroom, natural stone is a classic, durable material for interiors. In fact, I believe natural stone has great longevity in design, as seen by the fact that my very first bathroom project when I started this blog almost 10 years ago is still one of the most popular posts across Pinterest for bathroom design. It’s no wonder it has always been an interior design favorite.

small bathroom with 12x24 marble tiles floor
12×24″ polished carrara marble floor tiles

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How to care for marble tile bathrooms

Just as we have done with our marble kitchen countertops, I recommend the following:

  • seal before using (this is my favorite sealer) and approximately once per year thereafter
  • clean marble by scrubbing with non-acidic cleaners
  • acknowledge that etching will occur (and know thyself 😉 … if etching will drive you crazy, maybe real marble isn’t for you)

Additionally, it helps if you wipe up water quickly, especially around the bathtub and sinks where it can splash and sit, as this can etch the marble. You’ll want to avoid harsh chemicals, too, but otherwise, cleaning a marble bathroom is pretty similar to cleaning any bathroom.

Polished vs Honed Marble in Bathroom Design

Marble is a porous surface, so no matter the finish – polished, or honed – sealing is important.

My preference in general is honed marble, which has a more matte finish than polished marble. As such, it tends to show etching less. It can, however, potentially stain more easily (since the pores of the natural stone are more open), so be sure to seal it. We have never had any trouble with stains in any of our honed marble in our kitchen, my girls’ bathroom, or our master bath.

marble countertops and wall tile in bathroom
honed carrara marble countertops and wall tile

However, there seem to be many more marble tile options in a polished finish, so I would encourage you not to limit yourself if you love a polished marble pattern.

In fact, though we used 6×12 honed marble subway tile on the walls and honed 4×16 marble on the floors, we saved a ton of money by using polished pencil edges and marble thresholds. For whatever reason, we found polished pencil edges and thresholds for about 1/10 the price of honed ones. Easy decision!

polished nickel towel hook with honed carrara marble and pencil edge | Maison de Pax
honed 6×12″ carrara marble wall tile with polished marble pencil edge

Marble Tile Bathroom Combinations

Now for the fun part! I think there are three easy ways to combine marble tiles in bathroom design.

White + Marble Tile

The first is to combine white tile and marble tile. White marble bathrooms are beautiful, but a mixture of a classic white subway tile or a beautiful white handmade tile with a carrara marble tile floor or shower can provide a more subtle nod (and often be more budget friendly) than a full-marble bathroom.

water closet with all tile white walls and tumbled hex marble floors
2″ tumbled marble hex floors

We combined white walls and hexagon marble floor tile in my daughters’ Jack and Jill bath and love how it created a simple backdrop with a touch of elegance.

Some favorite white + marble tile combos (#2 is the look you see in the bathroom above):

white tile + marble tile bathroom wall and floor combos

1 floor, wall | 2 floor, wall | 3 floor, wall

Mixed Marble

Another wonderful option is to simply mix different sizes and shapes of marble tiles. Rectangular, square, round, hex… there are countless beautiful yet simple marble tile patterns.

We loved how our marble subway tile kitchen backsplash paired with our carrara marble countertops, so we decided to install marble tiles in two different sizes of rectangles on the walls and floors of our master bathroom.

white bathroom with marble tile and freestanding tub | Maison de Pax

Since neither was grippy enough for the shower floor, we used a third option there – tumbled marble hex. The combination of all these shapes and sizes of carrara marble tile provides a simple, elegant interest.

Some of my favorite mixed marble combos right now (#5 is what we used in our master bath):

mixed marble tile combinations for bathroom design

4 floor, wall | 5 floor, wall | 6 floor, wall

Geometric Marble Tiles

What if you want a little more pizzaz in your space? I’m particularly drawn lately to a variety of gorgeous geometric marble tile mosaics.

We used this incredible gray marble mosiac on the floors of a recent project, and the pattern is elegant and eye-catching without being too loud or feeling too trendy. Please forgive the progress shot… I can’t wait to share that full project with you all!

geometric marble mosaic floors in small bathroom
geometric marble mosaic floor tile

Update: See the finished bathroom here!

These geometric tiles make wonderful floors because the grout lines keep the floors from ever being slick, especially when wet. But they also would make spectacularly dramatic shower walls or as accent wall tiles behind bathroom vanities. So many beautiful options!

Some of my favorite geometric marble tile options:

geometric marble tile combinations for bathrooms

7 floor, wall | 8 floor, wall | 9 floor, wall

Marble shower + floor combos

marble shower tile and ledges
honed 6×12″ carrara marble wall tiles with polished white marble ledges

Once more all together, here are the marble tile combinations that I think would be beautiful in any bathroom design.

Be sure to check out my posts on my favorite grout colors for marble and white tile as well as this post with marble bath inspiration, too.

marble bathroom tile combinations

1 floor, wall | 2 floor, wall | 3 floor, wall
4 floor, wall | 5 floor, wall | 6 floor, wall
7 floor, wall | 8 floor, wall | 9 floor, wall

marble bathroom tile combinations

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  1. I love all things marble and am planning on using it extensively when we remodel our master bath. That red & black rug you used in your master bath caught my eye – where did you get it?

  2. I love your emails. Great info. I love marble also. The articles you write describing paint color is priceless. Would love to read more about paint colors, which way the lean, what they look good with, etc. thank you!

  3. I love the look of marble, but I know myself well and the etching WILL drive me crazy. Do you have any suggestions for good quality faux marble that doesn’t have obvious pattern repeats? Or non-marble alternatives that still look luxe? I’m not that worried about budget, just want a low-maintenance finish that can clean up to “new” which I know is an unrealistic expectation for marble.

    1. There are plenty of ceramic tile options at Floor and Decor that have beautiful veining. I haven’t used them personally, but they are gaining in popularity for low maintenance. Quartz can be used in some cases too.

  4. I used white subway tiles in both my bathrooms with light gray grout and marble basketweave (honed) on the floor and niche in one and marble hexagon tiles in niche and boder in the other. Love both my bathrooms.

  5. Hi! I used your master bathroom remodel as inspiration for my master bathroom. I am curious would you recommend mixing honed marble for floor (herringbone pattern floor) with polished marble for wall (large format)?

  6. What paint colors do you recommend for cabinets when using then marble in the kitchen as a backsplash with agreeable gray for walls with white quartz countertops?

    1. I’d probably recommend a white cabinet! Perhaps Simply White by Benjamin Moore, or if you want something warmer, White Dove.

  7. I need some professional advise as to putting up gray kitchen cabinets with white walls and white kitchen island with white quartz and gray swirls, or white kitchen cabinets with gray quartz countertops and gray kitchen island with same gray quartz top or white quartz with gray accent?

    Also, I have an open concept kitchen-dining and gathering room. I have lots of surrounding sunlight. What color would you suggest me to paint all the walls, since I already get alot of sun

    1. With those options, I be much more inclined to choose the white counters because that is more classic and they can’t be changed! You can always paint cabinets, but a classic white counter is perfect. If you are using warmer gray cabinets, I’d probably choose a neutral white for the walls.

  8. I don’t have a lot of options for wall paint colors. We are having a house built and the contractors limited our wall paint colors. Sherwin Williams (agreeable gray, snowbound, natural choice,accessible beige, creamy,city loft or drift of mist. It’s an open floor concept. Which to choose?

  9. I do like white for bathrooms, but for the main rooms which is an open concept, I am thinking of using Agreeable Gray. What colors compliment Agreeable Gray? For furniture I don’t like white, but do like beiges, tans, light or medium grays?This house is in Florida with lots of windows around it?
    Thanks for your help

    Sue B.

    1. I have used a lot of different furniture finishes, warm woods, natural finishes (raw wood), and my sofas are gray, leather, and cream. When choosing gray, avoid something too cool, and you’ll be fine!

  10. For your kitchen you used a medium gray for your bottom cabinets and white for your top cabinets? Do you like that look better than all white cabinets and medium gray island with all white quartz counters?

    1. Hi!
      I was wondering what is the name of the beautiful white/grey backsplash that you have in one of your kitchen photos with the white cabinets?

  11. My kitchen walls will be agreeable gray. I saw in one of your video that have gray cabinets on the bottom and white cabinets on the top. What color cabinets should I get for the island?

  12. Painting my bathrooms agreeable gray too. Should I put white cabinets with white swirl quartz or medium gray cabinet s with the white quartz top?

    1. Hi Sue!

      Forgive me if I already answered this in another post, but I’d prefer a white quartz with gray cabinets as I think white counters is a more classic look!

  13. I forgot what you answered, but do you like light or medium gray islands in a kitchen with lots of natural sunlight? My walls will be agreeable gray.

    Also, you mentioned that you like gray cabinets for bathrooms, but what if there is no natural sunlight, won’t medium or dark grays be too dark for cabinets without sunlight?

    1. Hi! I meant that I choose more neutral classic options for stone, because paint is easy to change! Hope that helps.

  14. The most important question for my new house is, what color bathroom cabinets for a bathroom that does not have a window for light? White, light gray or medium gray?

  15. Hi there, love the honed 6×12″ carrara marble wall tiles with polished white marble ledges bathroom makeover! Is there anywhere on your site I can see the rest of the bathroom?

  16. I am starting a bathroom reno project in my house and may I say… this article has answered all my questions regarding marble tile use. This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  17. Thanks for your valuable insight, Rachel. Is the linked Artisan Frost subway tile from Floor and Decor the one you used in your daughter’s bathroom? It’s beautiful.

    Question for Lynda Walden – can you share photos of your two bathrooms? I never thought of white subway tile with marble until I read this great article.
    Thank you.

  18. Hello. Reviewing your posts, I am hopeful you can help. I have cararra marble in my kitchen and I am seeking a white or a neutral color for cabinets. There seems to be 1000 whites. I’ve also seen some natural tan or such colors that coordinate nicely with Carrara. What do you recommend? I also have to choose a backslash. It seems white subway is the best with Carrara. 🙂

    1. Hi Keela! I love using Carrara marble and have used it widely in my home. My walls are Agreeable gray and it is a lovely warm greige that complements the marble well. Here are some of my popular white/greige paint posts, all of which go nicely with that marble:

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