Blue and White Bathroom Design

A blue and white bathroom is a beautiful, classic bathroom design. For this guest bathroom, we chose a navy blue vanity, mosaic marble floors, and dramatic dark blue shower tile to bring both beauty and interest to this small space.

navy blue vanity and blue shower tile in blue and white bathroom

A guest bath or powder room, especially a small one, is the perfect place for a little excitement. To bring a pop of color yet maintain the classic taste of the home, we outfitted this little bathroom with a bold navy blue vanity, mosaic marble tile floors, and beautiful dark blue shower tile.

The #clientmomanddad project has been filled with beautiful, timeless, neutral options: the white and wood kitchen and the classic master bathroom, for example. But that meant we were ready for a little drama in the guest bath, and we accomplished that by capitalizing on the homeowner’s favorite color.

dark blue shower tile and marble floors

In her words, “it just makes me happy.” I couldn’t think of a better deciding factor. 😉

Bathroom Renovation

First of all, let me catch you up on what this space looked like before. A full bath just off the main living area, it had taupe and blue tile and some outdated wallpaper. There was some tile damage in the shower, and it was mostly just tired and dingy.

80s bath before renovation
80s bath wallpaper before renovation

Although it is a full bath, its location means that it serves as the main powder room for guests, so we knew we wanted to do something especially beautiful.

blue and white bathroom with vintage art

Bathroom with blue vanity

My mom’s last kitchen actually had some dark blue cabinetry, and while she loved that, she was ready for something more neutral in this home’s kitchen. So we began gathering blue vanity bathroom ideas.

I love using prefabricated vanities with marble or quartz countertops for bathroom remodels; they tend to be more budget friendly than custom cabinetry and countertop fabrication. This navy contemporary bathroom vanity brings a fresh, modern look, while the Carrara marble countertops bring class and elegance to the space.

blue and white bathroom with navy vanity

As with the rest of the home, we painted walls and ceiling SW Snowbound (one of my favorite white paint colors). This allowed the navy blue vanity and beautiful tile to take center stage.

Mixing Tiles

Speaking of tile, we brought another layer of elegance with marble tiled floors. Rather than the Carrara marble floors I have used in other remodels, we decided to try a gray marble mosaic. Mosaic marble floors are great for bathroom and shower floors since the many grout lines make them slip resistant.

gray marble mosaic tile floor in blue and white bathroom

But the real star of this show is the blue shower tile.

blue shower tile

This was what caused my mother, when we were shopping for tile for the home, to say that it just made her happy… And I was sold. She was a bit nervous about the boldness of the color (since she really wanted to be sure to make classic choices that had longevity), but I assured her that anything that spontaneously made her happy was a good thing.

blue brick pattern shower tile in guest bathroom

Plus, though moody blue/peacock color brings a punch of drama, the traditional brick pattern leans more classic and gives the bathroom a fresh yet timeless look.

Additionally, without a freestanding bathtub or a large window or any other focal point for the space, I think the bold shower tile gives the eye a place to rest.

Mixing Metals

I always love mixing metals (see my guide to mixing metals in bathrooms here), and this space was no different. The vanity has champagne gold knobs, and we brought in more gold with this simple round mirror.

round gold mirror over navy bathroom vanity

To be honest, I wish the gold mirror weren’t quite so yellow, but the size and subtle gold frame were exactly what we wanted.

We paired the blue and gold bathroom with polished nickel (a beautiful warm silver that is my go-to for pairing with gold). The vanity light, faucet, towel bar, tp holder, and towel hook are all polished nickel.

polished nickel classic sink faucet with marble top vanity

Decorating a blue bathroom

I generally try to take the “less is more” approach in a small blue and white bathroom like this. Simple turkish towels add softness and the stripes add a subtle pattern.

A plant helps to hide the unfortunate view as you enter. 😉

white bathroom with gray marble tile floor

And a little pot my mother made plus a vintage soap dish are all the counter needs.

marble countertop with peacock blue shower tile

I used this public domain art for the wall. Actually, confession: I photoshopped it into a frame I had on hand because my parents have some other art they think they want to hang here but was still in boxes. I love the muted colors with the blue tile, though.

vintage art in bathroom decor


How do I decorate a blue bathroom?

Fortunately, light blues and dark blues layer beautifully. Whether you have blue floor tile, blue wall tile, blue cabinetry with white tile, or blue walls, you can mix and match blues easily. And blue pairs especially well with warm metals like gold and polished nickel.

You can bring in woven textures for a more casual feel or dress it up with metallics and polished surfaces. In short, blue bathrooms are incredibly versatile!

marble countertops and blue shower tile in blue and white bathroom

Is marble ok for a bathroom floor?

I have used marble in my daughters’ bathroom, our master bath at our last house, and our current master bathroom. I love it. Most bathrooms are small enough that the splurge for real marble is still fairly reasonable.

Marble can be fairly slick, though, so be sure to consider the size of the tile and the locations of grout lines if slipping is a concern.

Is marble high maintenance in a bathroom?

Real stone does require a different kind of care than ceramic or porcelain tiles. Fortunately, a simple wipe-on sealer can work wonders. See more about caring for marble floors here.

marble countertop and marble floors in guest bathroom


Here are all the sources for this modern classic style bathroom:
Navy Blue Vanity | Round Gold Mirror | Faucet | Towel Ring | Hand Towel
Marble Floor Tiles (grout: warm gray) | Blue Shower Tiles (grout: pearl gray)
Art | TP Holder

blue and white bathroom design

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  1. Beautiful bathroom! I especially love the mosaic marble flooring, vanity and shower tile. What a lucky mom & dad!

  2. The bathroom is fantastic. I love the blue vanity. The blue tile is amazing as well as the floor tile. It will serve as inspiration for a future bathroom remodel. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  3. Well done. It’s all together lovely. I do see what you’re saying about the gold mirror being too loud. You can tone that down with Rub N Buff. Mix the silver color with Antique Gold. It will make a Champagne color. I think that’s what you’re after. I did this to all my lights in my kitchen. It’s perfect. Hope that helps.

  4. I know this is really random but where did you get the knobs and pulls on the blue vanity? Love them!

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