Stylish Ceiling Fans for a Transitional Style

Looking for stylish ceiling fans that aren’t ugly? Check out these beautiful options for a transitional style!

large living room with vaulted ceilings and beautiful ceiling fan

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It often feels like life makes you choose between comfort and style. It’s like old slippers vs high heels; we all know which one is more comfortable… but we’re not likely to wear slippers if we’re hoping to make a good impression.

In interior design, ceiling fans often feel like the slippers choice… but they don’t have to.

large living room with chandelier and fans

When I began redesigning my parents’ new house (catch up on the full story here if you’d like), my dad had basically just two requests: that we do all we can to make the 1980’s house more energy efficient, and that we make sure there are good ceiling fans in just about every room.

My mom, fortunately, was a little more design minded. 😉

Actually, that’s not really fair. They have both been wonderful and trusted me with all sorts of vision. Just get a look at the “before” of this house:

outdated entry and stairs before renovation
outdated kitchen before renovation
outdated living room before renovation

My vision for this home included light, bright spaces with clean lines and a touch of rustic (since they are moving out to the Texas hill country, after all). Their current home is much more traditional, so I wanted something that would feel more casual than their last home but still support their more formal antique furniture.

In other words, this new home is much more transitional (which is just a fancy designer term for half way between traditional and modern). Plus I’m adding some rustic, too, so it’s basically a hodge podge of everything. With a fan on top.

large living room with exposed beams, ceiling fan, and chandelier

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Transitional Ceiling Fans

Enter said fans. I needed affordable ceiling fans that aren’t ugly. I needed clean lines, a little modern farmhouse flavor, but enough formality to fit my parents’ elegant taste. And I’m so excited to say that I think we nailed it.

wide plank oak floors with ceiling beams and black fans

My parents haven’t moved in yet, but I simply couldn’t wait to show you these stylish ceiling fan options. Let’s start with their exterior spaces. The front porch got a Lakemont outdoor fan. The weathered gray wood with three modern blades is the perfect transitional mix.

The back patio has a pergola, and the Searow – a Weathermax fan – is perfect. Weathermax outdoor ceiling fans are wet rated for open roofs like pergolas.

I think my favorite, though, is the Warrant in the great room. Since this large room will have a single seating area, I wanted just one fan… but it’s so huge and the vaulted ceilings so high that I needed a fan with presence. This 60″ ceiling fan is gorgeous. A little farmhouse yet still refined.

I prefer to use unique ceiling fans in each space, so we put the Leti fan in the second living room. This room will be divided into two sections: a tv end and a more office-like end, so two fans were appropriate. I love the whitewashed blades in contrast with the dark housing.

For the bedrooms, which are small spaces compared to the living areas, we chose a fairly low profile ceiling fan. The Sentinel is a classic three-blade modern ceiling fan with a light kit and a remote control. The floors in this house are one of my favorite aspects, and I love how the fans reflect those while still adding elegance with the beautiful nickel housing.

And for my dad’s office we chose a Dempsey with Tunable White led light. It’s funny the things you find you disagree on in marriage, like toothpaste tubes, brands of snacks, and temperature of light bulbs. My dad loves the daylight look, while my mom prefers soft white.

Fortunately, the Dempsey tunable lets him choose the color he wants in his office, plus the four matte black fan blades give it a beautiful, masculine feel, while the nickel housing continues to coordinate with the rest of the fans we chose for the home.

And I mentioned that my dad would put a ceiling fan in every single room if he could, right? Fortunately, I talked him into these gorgeous lights (also from Hunter!) for the kitchen instead. 😉

black and gold lanterns over kitchen island

But the reality is that these fans aren’t ugly. In fact, these indoor or outdoor ceiling fans are part of what’s making this transitional home beautiful.

great room with ceiling fan and exposed beams

I can’t wait to show you the rest of the finished spaces! In the meantime, you can shop the look below:

Beautiful ceiling fans for transitional style

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  1. Oh my gosh, this was sooooo timely! We are moving to Texas soon, and I’m searching for EVERYTHING! The house is lovely, just more Tuscan than I can live with. Trying to make decisions on all things from wall colors to having cabinets and built-ins painted or removed is exhausting!
    I am in your parents group of having really good furniture that I’m not ready to “unload”, but do want a more simplified life! How about you just run up to the Ft Worth area and help me out, since I love what you do?! All this looks great!

  2. Just have to say I agree with your dad on the ceiling fans. I live in central Texas, too, and fans in every room are a must. Growing up, we had box fans in every room, in addition to ceiling fans. And oscillating fans in every room, too, including the bathrooms. That was, of course, due to no A/C. But even with A/C, ceiling fans are must IMO.
    I’ve learned a lot from Joanna Gaines, but I always cringe when she always pulls out the fans and puts in chandeliers. And she’s in Texas! I’m all for style, but sometimes practicality and comfort have to win.
    Lovely renovating. Love your style. Although that chain thing going on above that old island is pretty cool. lol!

    1. Lol, I hear you! I can’t sleep without a ceiling fan. Thank you so much… I’m so glad you like the project!

    1. Hi Nancy! Have you checked your email from me? The code is different than the one you suggested.

  3. Stylish fans for the win. Here in Nashville, designers are big on “no fans” but they clearly have no lived through a hot, humid Nashville summer! There is a way to make them look nice! I agree!

    And I can’t go without mentioning the Irish Setter on the porch in the pic above! We have had 2…our first lived to be 16 and our second sweet boy is 5.5. They are such special dogs!

    1. Awwww thank you! My parents’ Irish Setters are very special dogs. And yes! We definitely need fans down here in Texas, too!!

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