Fall Porch Decor (Simple Ideas)

Get simple fall porch decorating ideas like galvanized buckets with fall foliage, rich autumn colors, and more.

galvanized bucket with flowers and pumpkins | Maison de Pax

I’m a blue girl by nature: blue eyes, blue clothes, and – generally speaking – blue home decor. I’ve decorated for spring, summer, fall, and winter with blue… it’s my safe place. But recently I’ve felt a desire to branch out. To try something outside of my comfort zone. And this year’s more fall themed color palette with traditional cream, plum, and golden fall porch decor is proof.

black rocking chairs on long covered porch | Maison de Pax

Now I realize in the grand scheme of things that the color of my fall front porch is very low on the scale of importance. 😉 But I think it can be so easy to get set in our ways. To feel that the way we’ve always done it is the only “right” way or at least the only way we’ll be good at.

black front door with golden fall wreath | Maison de Pax

And the process of trying new things – even small things – can be both freeing and inspirational. It’s spreading to my professional choices (more to come on that soon, I promise)… and it’s just plain refreshing. So I’m passing that little challenge along to you: what is something new that you could try?

fall porch decorating ideas | Maison de Pax
galvanized bucket with flowers on patio table | Maison de Pax

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Simple fall porch decor

Enough philosophizing… let me give you a little tour of our front porch at Little Pax Ranch. I kept it simple this year, just like I did in the kitchen and in the dining room.

black door with gold wreath and fall decor


Galvanized buckets with fall foliage

The previous owners of Little Pax Ranch left a whole slew of galvanized buckets in all sizes, and I thought it would be fun to create a little fall display by filling a few with flowers and pumpkins for pops of color. It was such an easy way to decorate the porch for fall!

small galvanized bucket with flowers patio centerpiece | Maison de Pax


Faux florals for the fall front porch

pumpkins, marigolds, and purples and greens fall planter | Maison de Pax

Speaking of easy, since we aren’t at the ranch 100% of the time (not to mention it’s still almost 100 degrees most days down here in Texas), I didn’t think that real pumpkins and gourds and cut flowers – or even planted ones, for that matter – would make it very long. As you can see, the only plants I keep out here are drought-resistant succulents. But faux florals are no-maintenance, easy fall decorations! I did clip a few sprigs of sage and some grasses (ok, I admit, weeds!) to add… I just love how mixing faux and real makes the arrangement so much fuller and tricks the eye into thinking it’s all real. Side note: I also love that clippings (and weeds 😉 ) from the land just feel right for fall.

Bold but simple fall wreath

woman hanging fall wreath on front door | Maison de Pax

Remember the simple wreath I added inside? I couldn’t resist this slightly bolder version for outside. As I said, I’m normally a blue and white kind of girl… or maybe a just plain greenery kind of girl… but this pretty gold wreath seemed the perfect accent for our black front door. I love how it pops but still seems so very natural and organic.

modern farmhouse front porch with fall decorations | Maison de Pax


Cozy throw blanket

black rocking chair with black and white pots on front porch | Maison de Pax

I always love a good throw blanket. And though we don’t need it just yet (100 degrees, remember?), we will. Funny enough, since it is so darn hot here in the summer, fall and winter are actually when we spend the most time outdoors. So as soon as it drops below 70, we’ll all be on the porch snuggled in blankets, enjoying the season. And this berry colored chunky knit throw just seemed perfectly cozy and beautifully eye catching against the neutral throw pillows, our DIY cedar plant stands, and the other gold and purple fall colors.

geometric outdoor pillow and throw blanket | Maison de Pax


More Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

And that’s it! Just a few simple fall decorating ideas for your front porch (don’t forget to pin it!).

porch with rocking chairs and galvanized bucket with pumpkins | maison de pax

But for more incredible fall porch inspiration and ideas, be sure to check out the other bloggers sharing their outdoor spaces today as part of the Seasons of Home series. A special thanks to Kristen of Ella Claire Inspired for organizing the tour!

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  1. The porch is such a great place to sit and watch trees change colors and all of fall, and yours looks so pretty and inviting.

  2. Love the pop of purple, a color I never thought to add to my fall colors. Thanks Rachel ! Also love that wreath I thought I had seen it at Target.

  3. Oh goodness Rachel, your porch is amazing and HUGE!! Love the rich colors you used, and of course, those galvanized buckets!


  4. I live in a small townhouse and do not have a porch. I have a lovely dark red front door and I’ve made seasonal wreaths I’m very proud of. But lighting is a problem – the wreaths never show at night, even though I keep my outside lights on (two fixtures next to the door’s upper end). Can you refer me to a site or book or blog that talks about how to light the front door “scape” to best advantage? Thanks!

    1. Good question! I’m afraid I don’t, but I would think that an overhead light that is removed from the door some (so that the lighting is not blocked by the door frame) would be your best bet. With all lighting, you have to think about the angle of the light shining from the fixture like a cone and consider what might block that light. I hope this helps some!

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