DIY Cedar Wood Plant Stand

Looking for affordable wooden plant stands? Learn how to make these West-Elm inspired, mid-century modern DIY wood plant stands… for just $4 each!

ice plant in gray and white pot in modern cedar wood stand | Maison de Pax

As if four kiddos weren’t enough to keep alive, I confessed this summer that I’m really digging potted plants these days (see what I did there?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). But naturally, I am having just as much fun with the pretty pots as I am with the actual plants. And since I love layering things visually, I decided to build some little DIY modern plant stands to add some vertical height to some of the pots in our outdoor space.

white pots with wood stands and text overlay: DIY cedar plant stand | Maison de Pax
white pots in wood plant stands on porch | Maison de Pax

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I’ve always loved these West Elm plant stands and other mid century plant stands like them. But as I was originally looking for them when decorating the porch at the ranch, I was wanting a more affordable option… Since I’m not afraid of DIY projects and 8-foot cedar 1x2s were a mere $4 at my local store, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Even better, cedar is naturally rot resistant, so it’s the perfect wood to use for outdoor plant stands.

outdoor potted plants with wooden stands and succulent vines | Maison de Pax

I was even able to use the scraps from one of the larger stands to make this little DIY wood plant stand for indoor plants… isn’t it adorable?

diy plant stand for small pot on top of gray campaign dresser | Maison de Pax

Supplies needed for an indoor/outdoor wood plant stand:

  • cedar 1×2 (by online pick up for free at most locations!)
  • hand saw or chop saw and measuring tape
  • hammer and wood chisel (or large flathead screwdriver)
  • either dowel pins, wood glue, and clamps OR Kreg jig

How to build a simple, mid centry plant stand:

The key to building this cedar plant stand is to create strong joints between your cedar pieces – strong enough to support your pot, soil, plant, and water!

  1. Measure and cut

    Measure the width of your pot and cut two pieces of 1×2 to that length; these will become your X base on which the pot will sit. Then decide how tall you want your legs (height off the ground + how high they come up around the pot) and cut four pieces of 1×2 to that length.measuring pot and cedar pieces for diy plant stand

  2. Assemble the pot base

    To create the base for the pot, you want to remove a notch from each of your two base pieces so they can fit together to create an X. To do so, find the center of each piece and measure the width of your 1×2. Use your saw to cut through the wood only halfway and then use a wood chisel (or a large flathead screwdriver could work in a pinch) to chisel out the notch. Then use your hammer to tap the two pieces together to form an X. (Note: if you didn’t get the cut quite right and the pieces are too loose to actually hold together, you can always put a screw right through the two pieces where they fit together; it will be hidden by the pot later).cut notches into cedar pieces to fit together into X base for plant stand

  3. Attach the legs (option A)

    You can do this in two ways: using a Kreg Jig OR using dowel pins and glue (read the next step for those instructions). If you have a Kreg Jig, drill pocket holes into the underside of the X base. Decide how far off the ground you want your pot and then turn the base and the legs upside down and attach using Kreg screws.attach cedar legs to X base on plant stand using Kreg Jig

  4. Attach the legs (option B)

    If you do not have a Kreg Jig, you can attach your legs using dowel pins. To do this, mark the spot where you want the base to meet the legs (make sure it is the same height on all four legs!) and drill a hole to match the size of your dowel pins into the narrow side of the 1×2 , then tap the dowel pins half way into each hole. Drill a matching hole into the four ends of the X of the base, add a little wood glue, and tap the dowel pins in the legs into the ends of the X base. Use clamps to hold while the glue dries.attach legs to base of cedar plant stand using dowel pins and wood glue

This DIY wood plant stand may seem to have a lot of little steps, but my 7 year old was able to do it (and is SO proud of the beautiful plant now sitting on this desk!), so I know you can, too!

wood desk with cute indoor potted plant in wood stand on desktop | Maison de Pax

The first one took me about an hour as I figured out the best process, but the others just took 20 minutes or so to make.

front porch with potted plants in wooden stands | Maison de Pax

I love that this DIY plant stand can be customized to fit any pot, and the cedar makes them perfect outside or in…

Will you use yours indoors or out? Don’t forget to pin it!

simple primitive modern wood plant stand for pot | Maison de Pax

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  1. No way. I didn’t even notice these (consciously?!?) in your other posts, but I’ve had one of these stands on my to-do list for a couple weeks now. I guess I don’t have to figure it all out myself after all, huh?!? ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Thanks! They’re lovely!

  2. I pinned this it looks like it’s fairly easy, so i will see. They are so very nice, i really like them, thanks so much.

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