Simple Farmhouse Fall Table

Get tips for creating a simple yet elegant fall table with faux olive branches and berries, lanterns, and classic white dishes.

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I feel a little like a broken record these days, but as I repeat this mantra, it’s growing on my all the more: simple can be elegant. Can beauty also be found in lush, elaborate, luxuriousness? Of course! But for the farmhouse fall table at Little Pax Ranch (and, if I’m really honest, for all of my life right now), I’m drawn more towards simple beauty.

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I first shared my minimalist approach to farmhouse fall decor last week with our ranch kitchen, and this week I wanted to continue the tips for easy fall decorating with some casually elegant ideas for a fall table. I’m sharing along with some of my favorite bloggers, so be sure to check out their posts at the end. A special thanks to Kristen of Ella Claire for organizing!

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How to create casual elegance for fall

As the sun begins to set a bit earlier and the rhythms of school and other fall activities settle in, I find myself looking forward to gathering people around the dinner table. Personally, I’m not mentally ready to think about Thanksgiving, but there are still plenty of opportunities for a sweet, casual fall dinner between now and then. Here are some tips to keep it easy but make it beautiful.

Skip the linens

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I love a pretty table cloth, but sometimes a naked wood table is refreshing (plus I couldn’t wait to show off our new farmhouse dining table that I found Craigslist and refinished). The wood grain adds interest, and the lack of linens creates a more casual feel… And let’s be honest, lots of kiddos make lots of mess, and the idea of being able to just wipe it up sounds appealing to this mama. Speaking of kids, skip the formal napkins and instead have paper ones over on the serving line. It keeps it all relaxed and makes clean up way easier!

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Use simple yet elegant dishes

wood table with white dishes and modern farmhouse feel | Maison de Pax

I’m a sucker for classic white dishes (the simple), but I love to add interest with more unique flatware (the elegant). These gold ones are my favorite, and I think they bring a more refined, polished look to the table.

Create a natural centerpiece

woman arranging olive branches on dining table | Maison de Pax

Or faux natural as the case may be. 😉 Fall foliage makes the perfect autumn centerpiece! It doesn’t have to be elaborate… in this case, some faux olive and berry branches (which, yes, you may recognize from my kitchen island) are placed in the center of the table. A focal point of texture, but very very quick and easy. Fall centerpieces don’t have to be complicated to be beautiful!

Flank your centerpiece with lanterns or candles

olive branches and berries centerpiece with copper lanterns | Maison de Pax

I love how a single centerpiece can become a full-blown decorated table with the simple addition of something flanking it on either side. I used these beautiful copper lanterns, but even plain candles could have a similar effect… it draws the centerpiece out across the entire table, and it provides extra ambiance during the meal.

Add something quirky

white farmhouse dining room with wood table and simple decor | Maison de Pax

Remember, this is casual elegance. If it’s too symmetrical, too perfect, it can sometimes feel too formal. I love to do something just a touch different. On this table, I arranged the flatware in a totally nontraditional way and a brought a simple dishtowel to place under the water pitcher to catch condensation. Both are tiny yet impactful ways to keep it casual and to add to the family-style feeling of the table.

woman bringing white pitcher to casual elegant dining table | Maison de Pax

Modern Farmhouse Fall Dining

That’s it: five simple ways to create a casual elegance for fall. And not a pumpkin in sight. 😉 Not that I have anything against pumpkins (in fact, I kind of love white pumpkins, especially)… it’s just still over 100 every day here in central Texas, and pumpkins didn’t feel quite right yet, especially not out here at the ranch house.

white kitchen with wood beams | Maison de Pax

But what did feel right was celebrating with a little dinner party this past weekend with friends (since I just might have had a little birthday) in this simple, casual, elegant space… What a special gift that was.

woman putting olive branches in white vase on wood dining table | Maison de Pax

Speaking of this space, please see the posts and links below for sources regarding our ranch kitchen and dining room!

More fall dining and table ideas

I hope you enjoyed these simple decorating ideas! Don’t forget to pin it for later, and be sure to check out all the other beautiful posts below.

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  1. I get goosebumps every time I see this space. You’ve created such a magical second home. I just love every single detail! It’s so unique, special, and beautiful. <3

    xo Michael

  2. Rachel, I love the simplicity of the olive branches and I’m putting the lanterns on my “soon to own”. The only question will be the size and color! Thank you.

  3. Oh, it’s all so beautiful Rachel! I love the simplicity, too. We just spoke with my in-laws in Dallas yesterday and they were at the pool because it was 97 degrees. I feel for y’all!
    Here in New England the leaves are just starting to turn, so I’m excited to incorporate some real foliage soon. Thanks for all your inspiration!

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