Easy Cut Flowers and 10 Modern Farmhouse Vases

Fresh flowers bring so much to a home; find out how to make maximum impact with easy cut flowers and modern farmhouse vases.

As a part time homeschool mom with two additional preschoolers (and a verified over committer and over achiever), I have to pick and choose carefully what claims my time and attention… And while I appreciate a beautiful fresh flower arrangement as much as any girl, I struggle to justify the time or expense it can take to keep those in my home. Instead, here are my best tips for a super quick and simple yet lovely and dramatic use of fresh flowers.

Keep fresh flowers simple, quick, and inexpensive... but beautiful! Love these tips on decorating with flowers | maisondepax.com

Tips for quick and easy decorating with flowers

Grocery store flowers:

First of all, I usually look for flowers at my local grocery store. If something catches my eye and seems reasonable (Trader Joe’s is my favorite for really affordable blooms!), I’m set. No need for expensive florist flowers. These hydrangeas from my recent French dessert and coffee post were just $5 for three bunches.

Love the pale green demijohn with the blush hydrangeas! Tips for quick and easy decorating with flowers | maisondepax.com

Second, I rarely mix flowers. One type of gorgeous blooms is enough if you stage it right.

Love the rustic wood bottle caddy for holding single stem tulips! Tips for quick and easy decorating with flowers | maisondepax.com

Gorgeous non-traditional vase ideas

Third, the “vase” is key. I actually love using non traditional vases… See my 10 non-traditional ways to display flowers here for more ideas.

Succulent in a copper mug in a teak wood bowl... Love the layers! Tips for quick and easy decorating with flowers | maisondepax.com

“Vases” with wood or bluish green glass are my favorite lately. I think they offer a modern yet rustic touch that’s perfect for my taste and mostly neutral loving style. Pretty enough to leave empty sometimes (because I know I can’t keep up with fresh flowers all the time), but simple enough to let the flowers stand out.

Single stem tulips in a rustic wood bottle caddy... Tips for quick and easy decorating with flowers | maisondepax.com

How long to cut fresh flowers

Fourth, cutting your flowers properly can maximize their impact. For vases with wide mouths (like the moscow mule mugs), I cut the stem so the flower just peaks above the rim. For narrow openings (like a demijohn), I cut the stem about 1.5x the height of the vase to allow the flowers to spread or 2x the height of the vase if I’m using just greens.

Such sweet, simple, farmhouse style! Tips for quick and easy decorating with flowers | maisondepax.com

So in summary, having the right flower holders can make decorating with fresh flowers SO quick and easy! The wood and glass dome and the green demijohn I use often were both from Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. The teak bowl is from Birch Lane. The straight-sided copper mugs are from Hayneedle, while the rounded ones were from Homegoods (similar ones here). And the bottle caddy is no longer available, but it came from Bambeco several years ago. Oh, and the photo bomber (who literally brought her chair in front of my camera while I was trying to take pictures, sat down, and said “cheese”) is not for sale. 😉

Such sweet, simple, farmhouse style! Tips for quick and easy decorating with flowers | maisondepax.com

Affordable Modern Farmhouse Vases

For even more fun (and because I couldn’t give you links for most of my favorite flower holders), I’ve rounded up 10 vases that I think would give you that modern farmhouse look. Even better, all of these are under $70 and half are under $40. Which is your favorite? Links are numbered below the image.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

Affordable modern farmhouse vases available online. Half are less than $40!

1-demijohn | 2-four bottle caddy | 3-vintage bottle collection
4-six bottle caddy | 5-greenish glass bottle | 6-teak vase | 7-farmhouse bottle
8-hanging driftwood vase | 9-twelve bottle holder | 10-blueish glass bottle


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