Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home Decor: Neutral, Versatile Picks

The are so many Nordstrom Anniversary Sale home decor items… This curated list brings together the best neutral staples for your space.

The struggle is real: loving to decorate (and redecorate 😉 ) but not loving accumulating tons and tons of decor that you use for only one season. At least it’s real for me. And as I learned when I shared my top five versatile decor ideas, it’s real for some of you, too. So I’ve been thinking a lot about staple home items: high-quality neutrals that can be used for years. Textured beauties that can be reworked, layered with various styles and colors for various seasons. And the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale seemed a good opportunity to find a few.

The best neutral, versatile home decor items from the Nordstrom anniversary sale! #budgetdecor #homedecor #nordstromsale #nordstromhome #decorating #neutrals #neutraldecor #interiors

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the Nordstrom sale is a massive annual sale (which, yes, has been all over Instagram) with deep discounts offered on many of Nordstrom’s high-quality items. It is only live until August 5, so if you’ve been on the hunt for any of these staples, be sure to snag these deals while you can.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home Picks

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