Valentine’s Bunting Banner (Free Printable!)

An adorable bunting for Valentine’s Day! This printable can be made in just a few minutes.

10 minute decorating is back! And this month’s theme is one we can all appreciate: love your kitchen. I actually have kitchen update plans in process, so I took a slightly different spin for today’s project and added a little love to our kitchen table area with a printable Valentines bunting.

Valentines Day Bunting- Maison de Pax

I am actually hosting a little ladies’ Valentine’s get together for my church soon, so I thought this was the perfect excuse for something cute. My kindergartener was so excited that he could read the words and even knew what they meant. Then my three year old spouted off the first half of the verse, “We love…”

because he first loved us.

"he first loved us" adorable printable bunting on red and white baker's twine - Maison de Pax

Be. still. my. heart.

"he first loved us" adorable printable bunting on red and white baker's twine - Maison de Pax

Now, to make it super simple for you, I’ve included a free printable for the banner at the end of the post. It took me closer to 30 minutes because I had to create the template, but if you simply print out my pdfs below, I’ll bet you can get in under the 10 minute mark. 😉

make a Valentine's day bunting from computer paper, baker's twine, and mini clothespins- Maison de Pax

Just cut out the triangles inside the black lines (you can cut all four pages at once – they don’t have to be perfect!) and discard the extras. I used a thumbtack, baker’s twine, and these cute little wooden clothespins to hang mine, but any string or ribbon and hot glue would work just as well. Mine is printed on regular ol’ printer paper, but if you’re fancier than I, you can always use card stock.

diy Valentine's Day bunting (free printable!)- Maison de Pax

I’m sorry I had so much trouble photographing it above the window, but I promise that in person you can read it perfectly well. I love how it adds a sweet reminder of this holiday without taking up a ton of space because – let’s face it – our kitchen gets used. A lot.

hang an adorable Valentine's Day bunting above a window by the kitchen table- Maison de Pax

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Tip when hanging: the “i” in “first” is your middle letter. Start by putting that one in the center and just work your way evenly in each direction.

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