A Classic “Chicken or the Egg”

Today there were five women and ten children in my home most of the day. The activities involved watermelon, concrete, cardboard, baseballs, chalk (both on the driveway and in the mouth), paint, and sloppy joes.


This is why I want my home to be fabulous… I want my home to be a fabulous place for people to make a mess.

Don’t get me wrong. I like love need a pretty clean house. I adore a well-decorated home. I thrive off of order and design. But I see those things as a means to an end. A means to enticing people (myself included) to want to be here. To unwind here. To rejoice here. To blossom here. Are you with me?

I mentioned when I gave my painted burlap star tutorial that I have a sweet friend who has been doing projects with me this summer. We’ve been having so much fun that we invited some other friends to join us (hence the huge crowd today). I didn’t get any pictures of the results, but I will share this one with you from our day of patriotic projects two weeks ago.

This picture was taken shortly before my one-year-old began painting our beautiful dark-wood dining bench with white acrylic paint. Oops. Thankfully, I managed to get it all off without any damage to the bench, but I’d like to think that even if I couldn’t, I would be thankful for this day.

And for all the days full of laughter, fun, chaos, and beauty in our home.

And don’t worry, I see the irony that I am working to make my home beautiful so people will come here to make it a mess, so we can have more fun things to use to make it beautiful…

But after all, what’s the point of “stuff” if it doesn’t bring people together?

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