DIY No-Sew Burlap Table Runner

Learn how to make a no-sew burlap table runner with this tutorial. Such an easy DIY no sew project!

Anyone else completely ready totally unprepared for Thanksgiving on Thursday?

In all fairness, I have bought the turkey, and it is thawing in my fridge as we speak (at least I sure hope it is!), but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. That and this gorgeous table runner I made yesterday.

Such an EASY project!  No sew DIY burlap table runner via

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll notice that the dining room has been receiving a facelift. More on that soon, I promise. In the meantime, I think this burlap table runner is the perfect little touch to our dining room and will grace the Thanksgiving table beautifully.

Such an EASY project!  No sew DIY burlap table runner via

No Sew Table Runner

Even better, it was just a few dollars worth of burlap about about 10 minutes to make. Definitely a DIY win as far as fabric projects go.

To make your own, you simply buy enough burlap for the length of your table plus 15-40″ – depending on how much you want to hang down on the ends. I made my no sew runner long enough to cover the entire table when both leaves are in (since that’s the way it is when we have big parties), allowing just a few inches to hang down. I didn’t want it pooling in the lap of the poor person sitting on the end.

Such an EASY project!  No sew DIY burlap table runner via

The great thing about a table with leaves, though, and this no sew burlap runner is that when the table is smaller, when the extra chairs are put away, and it’s just our family of five, I can enjoy a beautiful gathered end.

Such an EASY project!  No sew DIY burlap table runner via

I tucked just a few sprigs of dried lavender in the jute I used to tie it, and it looks lovely and smells heavenly.

Such an EASY project!  No sew DIY burlap table runner via

How to make a burlap table runner:

But I promised a tutorial, so here we go. Determine your length and buy that much burlap. Determine your width by laying it on your table and going with what feels right. Add approximately 3/4″ and mark that spot. Here’s the special trick: do not just cut straight down. Burlap is so loosely woven that you need to follow the weave. To do so, simply pull the string at the place where you want to cut. It will probably break a few times, but that’s ok. Just find it again and keep pulling. Once it’s all the way out, you have a clear line to follow when cutting.

Such an EASY project!  No sew DIY burlap table runner via

And your table runner is made. SO easy, right? Here’s how to finish it. See how the finished side of the burlap (on the right in the first image below) has a little fringe, but the side you just cut (on the left) does not? Just pull off 4-5 threads to create the desired amount of fringe on the side you cut. Make it match the pre-finished side. Repeat for each short ends, and feel free to trim, if needed, especially on the short ends.

Such an EASY project!  No sew DIY burlap table runner via

Total aside: isn’t that gray burlap simply stunning? Have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with gray?

Back to the subject at hand: what do you think? Worth the few dollars and 15 minutes? I love affordable DIY projects! Now to plan Thursday’s menu, set the table, clean the house, … enjoy my new runner and put my feet up. Tomorrow will take care of itself. 😉  I hope.

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Such an EASY project! No sew DIY burlap table runner via

What do you have left to do before Thursday?


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  1. Rachel, sorry I wasn’t looking at your runner as much as I was looking at your dining room table and hutch. The reason is because I am in the process of painting my hutch a cream color (well, it’s actually done) and my table is going to have the legs and apron painted as well, but the top of the table will be refinished a little lighter color than yours. I wondered if it would look good. After seeing yours I know now that it will be great! I love the way my hutch turned out. In fact, I took the doors off and it opened up the room so much with that little change. If you look at my Pinterest page you will see how it all turned out.

  2. I’m obsessed with great too! And I love the color of this bulap table runner. I am getting married in an outdoor setting and this is exactly the look I’m going for with my table runner. The color is spot on! Where did you purchase your burlap for your runner?

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