Super Fun Summer Party Flags (aka No-Sew Bunting)

Cheap? Check. Easy? Check. Quick? Check. Kid friendly? Check. Ok even if you don’t have kids? Check. Super fun and summery? Check. I’m telling you, these simple no-sew flags check all the boxes.

adorable and EASY no-sew bunting at

I recently hung some handmade banners in my newborn daughter’s nursery, and I loved how festive it made the room feel. For summer, especially, I love a fun, laid-back, imperfect and casual, party feel… and I thought my 2 and 4-year-old boys would love it.

adorable and EASY no-sew bunting at

Boy was I ever right… My oldest’s first question was, “Mom, can we leave our fun summer party flags up forever?!?!?!”

adorable and EASY no-sew bunting at

My response was non-committal. 😉

But for a few bucks and maybe an hour of work, I don’t feel pressured to leave them up any longer than I want to. If I get tired of them in a week, no problem. But if we still love them a year from now, it’s all good because they look “amazing” (according to my 2-year-old).

adorable and EASY no-sew bunting at

I started with some fabric squares from Joanne’s. I varied the sizes of the patterns and tried to capture a slightly vintage feel.

adorable and EASY no-sew bunting at

Those plus some scissors, white grosgrain ribbon, and hot glue were all I needed. I folded the fabrics so I could cut out multiple layers at once and then lined up all my fabrics in the order I planned to use them.

adorable and EASY no-sew bunting at

Armed with my hot glue gun, I grabbed two triangles of a given color and put a bead of glue along the top edge of the back side of one triangle (see left photo below).

adorable and EASY no-sew bunting at

I secured the ribbon and then put another bead of glue around the edge of the face-down triangle and placed the second triangle face up on top (see right photo above). This makes your bunting two sided. Perfect for stringing haphazardly overhead. And, naturally, a perfect complement to my completely undecorated bookcase in my kids room (insert much-needed grace to the mother of a 5-week-old 😉 ).

adorable and EASY no-sew bunting at

I even used a few of the flags to make a little bunting to add to my patriotic decor.

adorable and EASY no-sew bunting at

I’m telling you, it doesn’t get much simpler and more fun than this! What ways do you add whimsy to your summer decor?


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  1. LOVE these Rachel!! I made my Christmas ones in a similar way… sharing on my FB page this week!!! Hope you are doing well:)

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