The Ultimate Luxury

It’s funny how having children changes your perspective… For example, before you had kids, you thought the hardest thing about indoor plants was keeping them alive. After kids, it’s keeping the baby from eating dirt and puking on the carpet. #nolie

Before kids, going the the grocery store felt like a chore. And after one kid, going to the grocery store alone felt like a vacation. After three kids, wearing the baby in a sling and taking just one of the other two is a reason to celebrate because at least you get to use the normal baskets rather than the giant ones that seat two kids. #momproblems

And to be honest, coffee table decor has always felt a little like that to me: a luxury reserved for those without children. But today, my friends, I. am. indulging.

creative coffee table decor ideas |

All joking aside, I really do try to reserve carefully placed decor (even if it’s not breakable) for places out of the kids’ reach. I do believe in telling them no and teaching them to care for things, but my OCD just means that I am constantly straightening and restacking anything that gets moved. It’s usually not worth it.

creative coffee table decor ideas |

But listing our home has inspired me to take a slightly more grown-up approach to decor around here.

creative coffee table decor ideas |

The playroom got the little gray coffee and side tables you see here, and now this fancy coffee table decor.

creative coffee table decor ideas |

Want to know what’s especially fun about it? It was all repurposed from…

creative coffee table decor ideas |

Another blogger’s home! Jen from Craft-o-maniac and I swapped random decorative pieces as part of Porch’s Home Treasure Swap, with the challenge to re-work them to fit our own homes. When she sent the items, they looked like this.

creative coffee table decor ideas |

After a little gray and white chalk paint (are you surprised?), my coffee table items were ready to go. I decided that the ceramic owl was best kept out of reach, so he took his place on the buffet just outside the door. I think the teals from the owl and my oxidized copper candlestick work well with the rustic star (not my usual style, but since I’m about to move to the capital of Texas, I guess I need to get on that, right?!).

creative coffee table decor ideas |

It was so fun to make the swap and even more fun for this mom of three-under-five to indulge in a little coffee-table-decor luxury. 😉

creative coffee table decor ideas |

What luxuries do you allow yourself? Tell me and let me live vicariously through you!

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creative coffee table decor ideas |

Oh, and be sure to check out the other gals swapping home treasures with Porch this week (links below). is a home improvement network connecting you with BBB accredited professionals and offering tons of home inspiration. Visit them on the web here.

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Disclosure: A special thank you to Porch for inviting me to join and providing the funds for shipping and makeovers! You can read my full disclosure policy here.


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  2. Oh, I remember those days well! There is 3 years, 9 months between my 3 boys. It will get easier, and I believe that at 17,16 and 13.5 (have to count halves), they are more fun than ever. However, chores are now a chore (vs when they wanted to help me) and I STILL cannot keep pillows on the sofa.

    I hope you will sell soon! My moms current house just sold and she is happy that she doesn’t have to keep it ‘show ready’ all the time now. That, too, will get easier.

    Good luck, as always, and enjoy these days. I do miss the carefree days we had before summer sports and teenage jobs took over our lives, but I wouldn’t change today.

    Talk to you next time! I love each and every post, even if I don’t comment. (Still painting moms new house. And painting and painting…


    1. Oh, Terri, you are the best. Pillows in our house simply function as wrestling mats. Ha! You’re right, though, this too shall pass… all too quickly, probably. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope that painting goes quickly for you! xx

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  6. I always feel the same way about the grocery store and plants and of course, now coffee table decor. 🙂 Cute arrangement, Rachel!

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    1. Thanks, Michele! I actually made it several years ago. You can find the full tutorial here. Hope this helps!

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