Quick Organizing: Chalkboard Weekly Menu

See how I use chalkboard contact paper to create a hidden weekly dinner menu in our kitchen!

I can’t believe we are well into the first full week of the new year. I, for one, am still in holiday mode. But I’m trying to drag myself out of it with a little focused productivity. Step one? Getting a handle on meals.

Great idea! Use chalkboard contact paper to create a hidden weekly menu on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door | maisondepax.com

I am one of those people who has to plan my meals out for the week before I go grocery shopping (you can see the meal planning printables I use here), and I used to write the weekly dinner menu on a chalkboard in our kitchen. In our new kitchen, though (where we have no wall space), I was resorting to post it notes. Seriously.

Inside Cabinet Weekly Menu (post its)

And then when one of my kids (or me) knocked it off and lost it, I would forget what I had planned to cook, and suddenly we were eating out or making peanut butter sandwiches again. Oops.

So I pulled out my trusty chalkboard contact paper* (seriously, I use this stuff to make labels all the time… it’s great!) and cut a piece to fit the inside of a cabinet door.

use inside of cabinet door for weekly menu board

It takes no wall space, no counter space; the kids can’t reach it to draw on it; I can change it easily each week with a chalk marker*… And I don’t have to remember what I planned to cook each week.

perfect spot for a weekly menu

Save time. Save space. Save sanity. 😉

And to help you get organized this year, I’m sharing this quick tip as a part of our monthly 10 Minute Decorating series. So be sure to visit all these other gals for more great (and quick!) organizing ideas. To visit a project, simply click on the image!

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pin it image

Great idea! Use chalkboard contact paper to create a hidden weekly menu on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door | maisondepax.com


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  1. Great tip!! I love this contact paper too! Can I come over for chicken and zoodles?? 😉 Sharing on facebook and pinning – Happy New Year Rachel!!

  2. Brilliant idea!! I just found your post thru Setting for Four’s fb page😀 Guess I’m very late to the chalk contact paper game…who knew?!?

  3. What an amazing idea!!!! Gotta get some chalkboard contact paper. Very cool!!! I’m a menu planner too! xo

  4. I love the chalkboard contact paper idea!…when visiting my niece, she took that paper and adhered it to some of her lower cabinets in her kitchen and used it for her kids schedules and shopping lists….You always are so very organized!

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