The Shed: Before and After?

This is what I spent hours doing yesterday:

Can you tell? I actually don’t have any before pictures, but I kind of feel like these should be the before pictures… Isn’t that sad?

The reality is that I needed to clear off our back porch because we are having a wedding at our house this weekend. Yes. That’s what I said. A wedding.

And, on a different note, since we do not have a garage, workshop, or basement (oh, how I envy all you people who live in different parts of the country/world where basements are normal!! I would LOVE a basement workshop!!), our back porch often becomes our project center. As of two days ago, it was filled with pieces I garnered from my friend’s garage, scraps of flooring from my husband’s office, and leftover wood from the built-in bookshelves Mr. Pax just built for that office (more on that to come soon). All of that needed to move so that the wedding guests could sit on our back porch in 100+ degree weather if they so desired.

Which led to organizing the shed.

The shed which is MUCH too small for all our junk important things.

Though you may not be able to tell, I did manage a few positive things:

1. I gathered all the paint to one section of the shelving AND sorted the shelves as “paint from our current home” and “primers and such” and “paint samples that are fun colors for furniture and projects” and “stains, POP, and other stuff.”

2. I managed to get all yard stuff on one side of the shed (hidden behind the large sheets of sheetrock that I cannot quite bring myself to throw away but are SO in the way!).

I will give you one actual tip, though. If you have a shed/storage area where the beams are exposed (like this) but you’re short on space, try hanging peg board just at the top. That still allows you to hang items from pegs, but doesn’t block the valuable real estate between the studs for storing things like shovels and such. If you hang peg board over the whole thing, you loose the depth of the studs across the wall.

And that’s it. No more great advice or inspiration. Just the reality of a gal trying to DIY things without the proper work space. Please tell me I’m not the only one!?!?!?!

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