A Wedding at Maison de Pax

Like I said in my last post, I spent this past week cleaning off my back porch in preparation for a wedding at Maison de Pax. Mr. Pax and I are actually traveling right now, but my parents (who are watching my children… could this get any more complicated?!?!) are hosting a wedding for a family friend at our home. Can you tell we enjoy a little chaos? 😉

chalk art names design

Since the bride is French, I couldn’t resist putting their wedding date in her native language. Mr. Pax and I left on Thursday, but I snapped just these two pictures for you before we left. I changed our dining room chalk art (which I hadn’t changed since Easter, oops!), and the table was set with antique lace, awaiting the caterers:

antique lace tablecloth buffet decor

The rest of the house was rearranged, as appropriate, for the ceremony and later buffet-style meal, and the butler’s pantry was stocked with glasses, drinks, and antique china coffee cups. It’s a rather small affair: approximately 30 adults and 10 children. I am so sad to miss, but I think I remembered everything they would need. If not, I rest upon the advice I give everyone planning a wedding: the wedding is only for a day; the marriage is for a lifetime. May the wedding go smoothly today, but (MUCH more importantly) may the marriage be blessed with commitment, joy, and love. Felicitations, Nate et Charline!


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