Outdoor Friendsgiving Table Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Friendsgiving gatherings might just be the perfect way to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving and loved ones this holiday season. Read on for lots of Friendsgiving decorating ideas!

outdoor thanksgiving table with pumpkins and candles | Maison de Pax

How is it fall already?

More than ever, I think we are all in need of some time to connect with those special to us… And what better way right now than to host an outdoor Friendsgiving celebration?

cheers with copper cups at Thanksgiving table | Maison de Pax

Today I’m excited to share an outdoor Thanksgiving table complete with pumpkins, fall florals, candles and more friendsgiving decor ideas. Just add guests for the perfect Friendsgiving party.

outdoor friendsgiving table with pumpkins | Maison de Pax

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Outdoor Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Pumpkin Decorations

Large and small, pumpkins are the quintessential Thanksgiving decorations.

fall floral centerpiece and mini pumpkins on thanksgiving table | Maison de Pax

You can create a gorgeous Thanksgiving theme tablescape, even from a humble picnic table, with a few well-placed pumpkins.

outdoor friendsgiving nighttime table with string lights | Maison de Pax

Add some mini orange and white pumpkins to the tabletop to complete the look.

night time outdoor Thanksgiving table | Maison de Pax

I prefer real pumpkins from the grocery store (Trader Joe’s has the best options in my area). But if you’d like something you can use year after year, then there are some pretty faux ones available.


Fall Florals

Speaking of pumpkins, I used my floral pumpkin planter again this year (best DIY project ever!) in the center of the table for a festive touch.

pumpkin vase with fall florals for center of Thanksgiving table | Maison de Pax

I just used a variety of grocery-store flowers for the arrangement this time. I look for colors that complemented the pumpkins I had found as well as some deep purple reds (which may or may not have matched the wine for the dinner party beautifully 😉 ).

outdoor friendsgiving tablescape in woods on picnic table | Maison de Pax

A few extra blooms went in copper mugs to spread the color across the table.

Thanksgiving tablescape with copper and pumpkins | Maison de Pax

As with pumpkins, I prefer real flowers… but you can absolutely get a similar look with faux flowers if you need it to last longer.



No outdoor table is complete without candles, in my humble opinion. It creates instant ambiance and elegance. Either day…

charcuterie board on Thanksgiving table | Maison de Pax

Or night. And I love how the candles melt as you approach the end of the night.

nighttime outdoor Thanksgiving table with taper candles | Maison de Pax

I love using tapers because they add height to the table without blocking sight lines like larger centerpieces might.

friendsgiving outdoor table | Maison de Pax

Because, after all, it’s the people around the table that really matter.

friendsgiving out in the woods with candles and string lights | Maison de Pax


Serving Boards

Oh, and the food. 😉 When dining outside, instead of a traditional turkey, consider serving trays of appetizers, like charcuterie boards for your friendsgiving menu. They make it much easier to carry the feast outdoors.

charcuterie board with reds, purples, and oranges for a Thanksgiving table | Maison de Pax

Plus, they look beautiful on the table. I know it may sound extreme, but it was easy to choose foods like blueberry goat cheese and dried apricots that complemented the colors of the table. And they would go beautifully with your classic favorite desserts, like apple or pumpkin pie.

charcuterie board for fall table outdoor friendsgiving | Maison de Pax

Food that looks amazing and tastes amazing is like the best of both worlds!

friendsgiving ideas: charcuterie board on thanksgiving table | Maison de Pax

Plus, I think that beautiful food allows for extra simple Thanksgiving table settings, like classic white dinner plates and simple table runners, which is especially perfect for outdoor dining.

Thanksgiving table with pumpkins, metallics, and charcuterie board | Maison de Pax


String Lights for outdoor dining

Of course, if you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I’m a sucker for string lights. There is nothing quite so magical as a backdrop of twinkle lights. They are like year-round party decorations.

string lights over picnic table set for friendsgiving | Maison de Pax

We have been so pleased with these lights, and I have a full tutorial here if you’d like to hang some of your own.

string lights over picnic table in wooded area set for Friendsgiving | Maison de Pax

And the best part is that they allow the party to continue as long as possible… Which is especially helpful for the early sunset on fall evenings.

string lights over Thanksgiving table | Maison de Pax

But if your backyard doesn’t lend itself to permanent lights, then grab a couple of Christmas light strands and drape them around. Anything to create a little magic.

string lights over Thanksgiving table with pumpkins and candles | Maison de Pax


Special Friendsgiving Gatherings

I hope you enjoyed this sweet Friendsgiving table. Creating this picnic space last spring was so fun, and putting it to use for special occasions with friends this fall was even better.

For an extra special Friendsgiving outdoor gathering, consider some yard games like corn hole or our recent favorite new lawn competition. Party games are such a fun addition.


Feel free to bring out more furniture, too. A few more chairs and side tables can make an instant outdoor living area for a relaxed, comfortable evening.

Whatever you do on the actual holiday, I hope that you are able to connect with and enjoy gratitude for the loved ones in your life in new and special ways this year!

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  1. Beautiful table! Have you posted anything on how to paint the green pumpkin for the floral centerpiece? Thanks!

        1. You can use any chalk or mineral paint and wax! Primer and a latex paint would work too, but it is easier to slap on some chalk paint. 😉

  2. One more question – did you just use some linen fabric for the table runner? Do you have a source for that? Thanks!

    1. I think it’s actually a brushed cotton (similar to a baby blanket). I found it on sale at Hobby Lobby and couldn’t resist. 🙂 I hope this helps!

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