The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beautiful Gift Wrap Ideas

Looking for easy gift wrapping ideas? These simple ideas for holiday gift wrap will make your Christmas presents gorgeous in no time.

easy gift wrapping ideas: 10 tips for making gorgeous gifts fast #christmaspresents #giftwrap

I grew up with three brothers. At least 75% of gifts given to me while growing up were “wrapped” in a trash bag or grocery sack. The other 25% were just hidden behind their backs and brought out with a “voila!” Seriously.

easy gift wrapping ideas: quick tips #christmaspresents #giftwrap

And while I’m not complaining (Lord love those boys!), I like to present my gifts with a bit more finesse. I even mentioned in my tips for simple, elegant holiday decor that wrapped presents should be treated as part of decorating your home for the holidays! But this lady doesn’t have time for intricate, complicated wrapping. This lady barely has time to take showers… super complicated wrapping (which, honestly, isn’t much appreciated by those brothers or my sons πŸ˜‰ ) is just not in the cards. So I’m excited to share my tips for easy, beautiful wrapped gifts along with Krista from The Happy Housie today! Be sure to catch all the other gift-wrap ideas at the end of this post.

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The best gift wrap supplies:

Easy gift wrapping ideas:

(aka how to make pretty gifts fast!)

1. Choose complimentary papers.
I generally buy 3-4 rolls each year that coordinate but don’t necessarily match. This year, I chose this soft pink, this classic gray, and this gold stripe. The gold curly cues and the reindeer were left from last year and happened to go perfectly!

easy gift wrapping ideas: start with these gorgeous wrapping papers in coordinating colors #christmaspresents #giftwrap

2. Layer paper.
There are so often extra little scraps of paper than don’t fit a gift. Use it!

easy gift wrapping ideas: layer complementary papers #christmaspresents #giftwrap

3. Vary your ribbon.
I love to pick one general metallic (this year it was gold) and white, of course, and just pull out as many different types/sizes as I have. I might pick up one or two more if the price is good, and the combination under the tree is so fun.

easy gift wrapping ideas: a variety of ribbons makes such a pretty picture #christmaspresents #giftwrap

4. Multi-wrap the baker’s twine.
One of my favorite ribbons is baker’s twine. I bought a huge spool several years ago that has a little gold thread running through it (similar to this). It’s lasted me through so many gifts and projects (like our advent calendar this year)! For maximum impact, wrap it around several times.

easy gift wrapping ideas: use basic baker's twine and wrap it around multiple times #christmaspresents #giftwrap

5. Use big ribbon for big packages.
I love the look of a giant satin bow. Get big rolls of this stuff at craft stores for cheap with a coupon (or here’s a pretty good price online, too) and just tie it on.

easy gift wrapping ideas: a giant satin ribbon makes a big statement #christmaspresents #giftwrap

6. Add an ornament or pine cone.
A fun, easy embellishment!

easy gift wrapping ideas: add mini ornaments to your gifts #christmaspresents #giftwrap

7. Add greenery.
Fresh or faux clippings make all packages instantly cheerier.

easy gift wrapping ideas: add sprigs of greenery and pinecones to your gifts #christmaspresents #giftwrap

8.Β Create bundles.
That coordinating paper will shine with a simple stacked bundle. They don’t have to be the exact same size or shape… the combo of papers is so much fun.

easy gift wrapping ideas: bundle gifts with ribbon #christmaspresents #giftwrap

9. Cut tags from card stock.
So so easy. Cut them any shape you want!

easy gift wrapping ideas: cut card stock into tree as gift tag #christmaspresents #giftwrap

10. Use washi tape to secure tags.
You can hole punch the card stock and tie it on with the ribbon or twine, too, but I love the simplicity of just sticking it on there with some cute washi tape.

easy gift wrapping ideas: secure gift tags with a quick strip of washi tape #christmaspresents #giftwrap

With these tips, you can create gorgeously wrapped gifts in no time! Assuming you’ve actually done your shopping, of course. πŸ˜‰ . If you need more gift ideas, be sure to check out my shopping guides this year: for her, for kids, and for everyone else.

Or pin it for whenever you’re ready.

easy gift wrapping ideas: 10 tips for making gorgeous gifts fast #christmaspresents #giftwrap

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We know you are going to find some awesome inspiration! Enjoy…

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous gift wrapping and fantastic tips, Rachel! Plus, I’m thinking of booking a flight to Texas so you can teach me in person your master-photography ways! Unbelievable imagery, friend! Thanks for joining in on this hop today!

  2. Such great tips, Rachel (I think I do all of these without even knowing it). Your paper selection is absolutely gorgeous. And your story about your brothers made my day πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays!

  3. Rachel everything is so classic and stunning! Simple and elegant is the way to go and you have inspired me! Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Rachel… I love your blog! Do you have any tips on how to cut a straight strip of coordinating paper when you layer? I have a terrible time with getting straight edges on the smaller strip of paper. Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Thank you! And yes! I buy paper than has grid lines on the back. πŸ˜‰ . The ones I linked to at Target have it, and it seems that many more papers these days are doing that. It’s the only way I can get straight edges myself!

  5. Your packages and decor look gorgeous! How I would love to have them under my tree and so economically done as well! Wishing you the Merriest Christmas!

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