DIY Chalk Painted Pumpkins

I mentioned when sharing my fall mantel that my three-year-old helped me paint some of the pumpkins for it… but the majority of the painted gourds actually landed on our entry table.

I had a revelation this year (behind the times a bit?) that I didn’t have to use orange and red for my fall decor… and chalk paint helped me achieve my new non-traditional fall decor for free. I simply used paint I already had to makeover a variety of plastic and ceramic pumpkins, acorns, and squashes that I already had.

Best part? My three-year-old and I had a blast “paintin’ punkins.”

I used a combination of ASCP (I had some Paris Gray and some Graphite) and homemade chalk paint, using SW Aesthetic White (leftover from our master bedroom), SW Kaffee (a sample I had considered for my office), Behr Cathedral and Behr Gray Morning (from my wax-resist side tables), and SW Dovetail (which I used on the toy armoire and my master bedroom window trim, among other things). If you’d like more info on homemade chalk paint, see here.

The chalk paint allowed me to paint ceramics, like these pumpkin candle holders.

And plastics, like most of the ones in the cage.

I finished them all off with some spray acrylic to protect the new paint. And I love it! It makes me happy to see seasonal reminders (even if it is still in the 90’s outside here!) in colors I love.

How about you? Are you using non-traditional fall decor colors this year?

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