Casual, Elegant Master Bedroom Ideas

Looking for master bedroom design ideas? Don’t miss these decorating ideas to make your primary bedroom feel comfortable and beautiful.

bedroom with built in window seat and bookcases

This room has been eight years in the making… And if I’m really being honest, I don’t know that it’s even done now, so I’m hesitant to call it a “master bedroom reveal.” But I am pleased to say that after a few recent projects, our master bedroom finally feels right.

master bedroom with antique nightstand and modern table lamp

I would never complain about this beautiful space (so grateful!), but I can admit that it has posed some layout and design challenges. Even though we have 9′ high ceilings, the four-poster bed we had when we first moved into this house really revealed the difficulty. The room is rather long and skinny, and the only wall without windows was the wall with the door. It was difficult to arrange furniture that didn’t feel like it cut the room in half.

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view from the door of the room (when we first moved in)

And it was too large for just a bed and nightstands, but too small for a secondary seating area or desk. It also has a rounded wall (which is the back of the closet) that cuts off one corner. In short, it was a little tricky. Fortunately, we landed on some solutions we have loved. And I hope this gives you some ideas for your master bedroom layout!

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5 Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas (for tricky spaces)

Keep Colors Simple

We painted the walls Behr Cameo White years ago (one of my favorite white paints), and we still love the color.

white bedroom with built in bookcases and blue dresser

For the rest of the color palette, we chose mostly neutrals to help blend the space so that it didn’t feel so chopped up by the bed. I brought in a few brass accents and an antique gold frame for vintage artwork, but otherwise it’s just black, white, cream, and some soft shades of blue.

vintage artwork with antique gold frame in master bedroom

Use Cozy Textures

These days, we want our bedrooms to be sanctuaries from the busyness of life, and warm, cozy, inviting textures can help create that feeling. As you can see above, we added beautiful velvet curtains for some elegance. And we kept the plush wool area rug we’ve had for years for a cozy vibe. The ivory base with a subtle gray floral pattern gives texture and interest without overwhelming the space.

white bedroom with built-in bookcases and window bench

We topped it off with a beautiful woven-like blanket at the foot of the bed and a variety of different fabrics on throw pillows.

Consider Built Ins

We shared how we built this window seat and bookcase here, and months later I’m still so pleased with the project. It opened up the space, brought needed storage, and anchored a focal point in the room.

window with plantation shutters and built-in bookcases on either side

I love a project that organizes clutter, adds storage and elegance, and creates a more custom look.

white bookcases with crown molding and simple styling

Add Wood Tones

There is something about mixing wood tones with white walls that simply adds weight to a space. In this room, I brought in and refinished two antique washstands. These little dressers were already topped with marble and had beautiful carvings. They are such a fun way to bring a little character and charm into this small space.

natural oak antique nighstand with marble top
raw wood nightstand antique with marble top

Topped with new modern table lamps and classic bedroom decor, they have made the perfect nightstands for our main bedroom.

Don’t Be Afraid of Unconventional Furniture Arrangements

I think most people (even many interior designers) would choose to put the bed on the wall without windows, but that left the foot of the bed blocking half the room. By placing the bed in front of the window, it opens the view and welcomes you into the space.

master bedroom with neutral color palette and cozy textures

To make this work, though, we needed an airy bed frame. We didn’t want to block the natural light or the view. So we found a vintage-look iron bed a few years ago to try the bed in front of the window… and we haven’t looked back.

vintage iron bedframe, bed in front of window

As a bonus, it allowed me to use a long thrifted chest of drawers (which would have completely blocked the windows) on the wall without windows to anchor that space and provide loads of bedroom storage. I love the combination of furnishings we’ve collected.

dark blue dresser in master bedroom

Other Master Bedroom Ideas

Here are a few FAQs I’ve received over the years and some tips to get you started.

How can I make my master bedroom look nice?
I think the mix of cozy, clean, and elegant is the perfect combo. Bring in textures to soften the space and make it inviting. Add a little elegance to help it feel special. And keep a neutral color palette overall to help it feel peaceful.

How do you redo a master bedroom on a budget?
I think bedrooms might be the best room for thrifted furniture. There are so many possibilities for refinishing beds, dressers, and nightstands, and so many options on various marketplaces. If you’re hesitant about building projects, like the window seat, start with thrifted furniture.

How do you style a large master bedroom?
No matter the size of the bedroom, I think it helps to create a focal point. If the room is large, you’ll want a primary focal point and then a secondary seating area, as well. One fun benefit of a large room is that you have plenty of space for luxurious drapes and comfortable chairs, which can help add to the coziness of a large room.

How do you arrange a small master bedroom?
Be creative. As we discovered in our space, you don’t need to limit yourself to conventional arrangements. And consider built in window seats or bookcases. I know that when a room is small, adding more seems counter-intuitive. But generally with built-ins, you can gain substantial storage and function without too much space lost. And the opportunity for wallpaper or sconces or other fun accents is much greater with some built-in elements.

I hope these ideas encourage and inspire you to think outside the box a little to create beautiful master bedrooms. Even if the space is a little tricky.

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