The Easy Way to Set a Gorgeous Holiday Table

Be inspired by these Christmas table setting ideas and find out the easy way to set a gorgeous holiday table!

french country dining table decorated for christmas

The holidays may or may not look different for many of us this year… But however large or small the party, I know gathering for a meal is one of the greatest highlights of our holidays. And easy, beautiful Christmas table decorations can help make that special!

green and gold holiday table | Maison de pax

So I’m excited today to share simple Christmas table decorations along with some of my favorite blogger friends. A special thanks to Bre for organizing this! Be sure to scroll down to see everyone’s beautiful holiday table decoration ideas below.

A Simple yet Elegant Christmas Table

If you’ve followed me for very long, you know that my sweet spot is when beautiful, functional, and simple all meet. And if you’re new here, just imagine an over-achieving homeschooling mother of four – the epitome of perfectionism meets pragmatism. 😉

So when I was setting this year’s holiday table inspiration (in between proctoring spelling tests, visiting a park for some bike riding, and hopping on a zoom call for a client’s kitchen design), I decided you all might like some speedy and easy tips for creating your own gorgeous table whatever else you may have going on.

lighting candlestick on christmas table centerpiece | Maison de Pax

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7 simple steps to a gorgeous holiday table

See how easy it can be?!

how to set a beautiful Christmas table | Maison de Pax

Start with a tablecloth

I’ve done many-a fun tablescape without a table cloth, but there’s something about a tablecloth that immediately elevates the table. And I think Christmas is the perfect time for something a little special.

tie a long table cloth with ribbon | Maison de Pax

You don’t have to be limited to your grandmother’s tablecloths, though. I’ve used sheets, turkish towels, and fabric scraps over the years, too. Of course, if you have a beautiful tablecloth that formally belonged to your grandmother, more power to you.

This is just a long piece of coarsely woven cotton (similar to cheesecloth) which I originally got for my outdoor Thanksgiving table. Since I didn’t want to cut it, I tied the excess over out of the way with some pretty velvet ribbon.

Choose a ribbon

Speaking of ribbon, it’s currently my favorite holiday decorating accessory. I love how you can remake your holiday decor each year with the simple purchase of a spool of ribbon. It provides texture, elegance, and a new color scheme if desired.

This year, I used this dark green velvet ribbon as simple garland on our small tree (if this one is sold out in green, check out below where I’ve linked some similar ones!)…

white flocked tree beside mantel with greenery | Maison de Pax


And to make these adorable little ornaments with these gold bells on the big tree.

gold bells and dark green velvet ribbon on flocked Christmas tree | Maison de Pax

For your table, you can use the ribbon to tie the table cloth, if needed. Or to decorate the backs of your chairs or a wreath on the wall. Or, as you’ll shortly see, you can tie your napkins into lovely little gifts.

Set your places

I used dinner and salad plates (I mixed our sturdy white dinner plates with two different vintage China patterns for salad plates – my grandmother’s and my own – just for fun). I then added some vintage crystal goblets and this gold flatware.

dining table with magnolia garland and candles | Maison de Pax


I like to set the places before I decorate the center to ensure that there is plenty of space for the actual dining. Food is priority in this house. 😉

I then topped them all off with napkins tied up sweetly with little bells: half these vintage looking ones and have more traditional sleigh bells. You could also use a small ornament for this instead. Either way, it makes for such an easy yet sweet little fancy touch to add to your table.

cloth napkins tied with ribbons and bells for Christmas table | maison de pax

Lay garland as your centerpiece

Garland table runner Christmas decorations are perfect because they’re festive, easy, and they don’t block the view of others around the table. It’s my secret favorite way to make a quick, beautiful dining table.

table decorated for holidays with magnolia garland | maison de pax

This magnolia garland table runner also has pine cones, which adds some nice texture… but any holiday garland can work!

Add candles

Once you’ve draped your garland across the table, add some height and sparkle with candle holders. Candle centerpieces bring all the cozy magic for celebrating the holidays.

candlelit Christmas table with garland centerpiece | Maison de Pax

For this table, I added height with my favorite brass candlesticks and tapers, and I added extra sparkle with these little green votive holders.


Sprinkle ornaments

Remember the sleigh bells I used for my napkins? I sprinkled a few more around the garland and candles for a little extra cheer. Small ornaments or bottle brush trees would be beautiful, as well!

table decorated for Christmas dinner with bells and green ribbon | Maison de Pax

Layer an extra holiday touch

The dinner table now looks beautiful, but the room as a whole will feel more like a winter wonderland with at least one other festive home decor touch. In years past, I’ve brought in Christmas trees, added wreaths, and decorated the side board.

But this year, I kept it super simple by just adding a string of regular ol’ Christmas lights to the faux olive tree in the corner. It doesn’t take much, and it ties that space with the other decorated rooms!

View of stairs with big Christmas tree | Maison de Pax

Like I said, simple and beautiful. 🙂

olive tree with Christmas lights beside dining table with holiday decorations | Maison de Pax


More Christmas table decorating ideas

Now don’t forget to pin this for later…

7 simple steps to the perfect Christmas table | Maison de Pax

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  1. I love how you have draped your tablecloth! Your table is incredible, Rachel. It’s like we were thinking the exact same thing this year!

  2. Hi Rachel,
    You always do an amazing job in everything that you touch! I got your Photography online class and I am loving it. You are not only a great decorator but also a great teacher!

    Happy Holidays!
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  3. I love your fab table-scape. You nailed it! I will be using your creative ideas when setting our tble. Thanks, and Happy Holidays

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