A Slippery Slope: Fixing an Uneven Floor

Yes, I just recently shared with you the messy truth about our master closet and claimed that a gorgeous renovation was coming…

And no, I have not yet posted that completed project (though I did post an update/confession here).

Why, you ask? Because I failed to photograph said closet before it was invaded by the overflow from this lovely room, which (no, your eyes do not deceive you) is already partially ripped up even in these photos.

Do you think we might be a bit over-ambitious? Do we know when to stop and say no? Not really… but we’re currently working to fix the level in a floor that was more than 4″ off over an 11′ span. That’s got to be worth coming back for, right?

That and one gorgeous master closet (once it is relieved of the junk belongings from my husband’s office).

How about you? When have you bitten off more than you could chew been so inspired by one project well done that you jumped right into another one?

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