The [Master Closet’s] Messy Truth

A little {embarrassing} dose of reality… This is the master closet we’ve been using for the past year:

I’ve certainly seen (and lived with) smaller, but its inefficiency and awkwardness is hard to beat. My long dresses have been living in the guest room closet, and our shoes, hats, and sweaters have been in the linen closet just outside the master bedroom. Again, not impossible, but not ideal. All that is about to change… This is where our shoes are now:

And our poor hats and sweaters (don’t judge!!):

Annoying? yes. But they are there because something is in the works to improve our master closet situation… Come back to find out how we do it. (Update: See the master closet renovation reveal here!)

My fellow owners of older homes, what have you done to improve your closet situation?

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  1. we all have to start somewhere, the good thing is you’ve realized the “problem”, will wait and see what you come up with. good luck!

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