My OCD [and our master closet]

As I confessed in my very first post, I tend to be a little obsessive compulsive. As proof, I just did this:

An entire new coat of paint on every surface of our master closet walls (please excuse the patchiness, it’s still drying)… even though I know 50% 80% of it will be covered by our shelving units. Really. 
They will be glorious, I’m sure. But will they really care if there’s a fresh coat of paint underneath them? And just so you know there was truly zero justification for my work, they will be installed. Attached. Immovable. Permanent. And yet…
Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels there should be a complete coat of paint on the walls even before installation? I am alone in my insanity?
How do I ever get anything done?!?!

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    1. Oh friend, thank you thank you! So glad to know there are others out there like me. 😉 Take care!

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