Simple Fall Decorating Tips and Ideas

Looking for easy fall decorating ideas? These simple fall decorating tips will make it easy to create a cozy, inviting look for fall.

Elegant, Neutral Thanksgiving Table Decor- Maison de Pax

The older I get, the more convinced I am that seasonal decorating ought to be a celebration, not a chore. I want my home to be a place that encourages my kids to see the beauty of the season, that welcomes my guests to relax and smile, and that allows me and my husband to rest in whatever season life – or the weather – has called us to.

In other words, it should be simple and fun. And with that in mind, I’m excited to share my go-to fall decorating tips as part of a fun fall tour organized by my friends Jennifer of Decor Gold Designs and Randi at Randi Garrett Design. If you’re dropping by from Randi’s blog, welcome! Be sure to check out the next stop on the tour at the bottom of the post.

Easy Fall Decorating Tips:

1. Don’t limit yourself to traditional fall colors.
I’ve never been a big fan of yellows and oranges, which used to make fall my least favorite season for decorating. But guess what? There are so many beautiful ways you can usher fall into your home without a single hint of orange! You can go completely neutral with white pumpkins (like I did on this year’s mantel)…

simple, neutral fall mantel decor ideas- Maison de pax

You can add some soft blue/green ones for a subtle dose of color (like on this tablescape)…

Thanksgiving Table Decor- Maison de Pax

Or you can create your own color palette with your favorite pattern (like this fun rustic and copper spread I did last year).

Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece- Maison de Pax

2. Use lots and lots of texture.
While pumpkins are a fun go-to for fall decor, you can create a feeling of fall in your home without a single pumpkin in site. You can see my blue and white fall decor from last year

Fall Master Bedroom- Maison de Pax

With woven baskets and knit blankets, you can give your home a sweet, cozy feel.

Neutral Home Decor and Living Room- Maison de Pax

3. Bring in fall foliage.
It doesn’t take much. Just one gorgeous clipped branch can transform a whole space into a fall retreat. Whether it’s real or faux, fall foliage is a simple way to celebrate the season. And as a bonus, you can download that fall printable you see there for free.

Easy Fall Decor- Maison de Pax

4. Use clothing accessories as decor.
You can only wear one scarf at a time, right? Rather than storing all my warm weather accessories in my closet, I bring some out of my favorites around the house. A scarf makes an excellent table runner…

Fall Dining Room- Maison de Pax

Or adds the perfect plaid to a basket…

White Fireplace decor- Maison de Pax

And a hat well placed is always charming.

leaf wrapped candles give a slight nod to fall in this neutral home- Maison de Pax

5. When in doubt, add a throw.
Sometimes my husband teases me that I just prance around the house tossing throw blankets left and right. There may or may not be some truth in that statement. 😉  But really, a throw is instant coziness. You can see how I made this one for just a few dollars

Chair with DIY Flannel Blanket- Maison de Pax

Or view some of my favorites I shared last winter.

Outdoor Fall Dining Table- Maison de Pax

How can you say no to something that encourages sweet snuggles in your home?

And, after all, that’s what our homes are for, right? A place to love our loved ones well. 🙂

Fall Decorating Tips- Maison de Pax

Now for more tips for decorating for fall, you can continue the tour at sweet Jennifer’s blog, Dimples and Tangles.

Fall home by Dimples and Tangles

Or visit any of the talented bloggers linked below.

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  1. Rachel, I just want to sit down and take this all in, and then join you on that beautiful patio for dinner! Your home is so cozy and welcoming for Fall. Beautiful!

  2. Rachel, you home looks so cozy, yet beautiful at the same time. Just perfect for fall, the most homey of the seasons… 🙂

  3. Perfect tips! I always love to add an extra throw (or twenty) for fall, especially outside. Your outdoor dining with that tablescape is so fabulous! It makes me excited for cooler evenings!

  4. Rachel what fabulous ideas!!! I love how you style your home to make it feel so cozy for fall! I’d love to see it in person someday! Happy fall my friend!

  5. Beautiful and thank you for your tips and ideas God bless and remember in our prayers all those in the wake of Irma and all those facing the disasters of fire, quakes and flooding

  6. Rachel I just love your beautiful home! I especially loved your tip about throws! Gorgeous as always sweet friend, xo!

  7. I so enjoy your beautiful home in every season…you create such a warm and cozy environment for your family…your home feels as if there is a huge blanket wrapping around it.

  8. I love your home you have done a great job making cozy for Fall. Hope your family and friends are doing well and have places to live.

  9. Those candlesticks are beautiful and that chair by the fireplace is gorgeous.

    Any info on where to get them?

    You already have a new dan and follower!

  10. The last pic shows stools with large black and white cushions. I have notice this large check in black and white quiet a few times recently. Love it.

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