Protecting the Antiques

Am I the only mother who fears for her antiques from time to time? Bless their hearts, my two hooligans boys have great intentions, but my antique drum tables were taking the brunt of the wrestling matches and dance parties.

Actually, with their narrow bases and wide tops, they really aren’t made for stability. I admit that I knocked them over once or twice myself when I wasn’t looking where I was going… Moral of the story: antique drum tables and two little boys are a bad combination. So I’ve shipped them off to my parents’ house and began searching for a replacement to use until my boys move out get a little bigger. I was prepared for a great thrift-store hunt, but I was thrilled when my search took me no farther than Hobby Lobby where I found these on clearance.

That’s right! $23 each. Bam. The size and shape? Not bad. The price? Ah-mazing. The color? Not so much. It kind of reminded me of the mirror I recently painted – the distressing just looked a little too fake for me. Not to mention the olive green didn’t go in my living room. So… here’s a quick look at the result:

Tutorial to follow soon! SO excited to find something for such a great price and to get to try a new painting technique in the process. Can’t wait to share the step-by-step with you.

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