High-Impact Florals: 5 Tips for Easy Flower Arrangements

Avoid time-consuming and expensive floral arrangements. Instead, try these quick and easy suggestions for high-impact florals in your home!


At 9 months pregnant, I am all about quick, easy, high-impact touches in my home.

Go big. Go bold. And then go to bed. 😉

For this month’s 10-minute decorating, I wanted to share a variety of quick and creative options for you to get that glorious, high-impact effect without having to spend tons of time or effort.

1. Go for height
Small, elaborately designed centerpieces have their place (especially when you are trying to facilitate conversation across a table, for example), but for quick, high-impact arrangements, try a long stems in a bottle with a small neck. Instant drama.

Inexpensive floral arrangements- Maison de Pax

2. Find flowering tree branches
Whether they are faux or real, a single flowering branch makes such a statement. Put it in a tall vase like I did in my master this spring and walk away.

5 easy floral arrangements- Maison de Pax

3. Use unexpected vases
My rain boot vase from last spring’s home tour is one of my favorite spring touches. I used faux flowers for simplicity, but you could always stick a mason jar of water in the bottom for real flowers. Just choose something tall and full. And here’s a tip: if you have trouble getting them to stay standing up, use a little binder clip to connect the boots at the top. It will help hold them together and upright even if the branches are heavy.

Easy floral arrangements for your home- Maison de Pax

4. Mix fresh and faux
Good faux flowers can be expensive, and large ones take storage space when they’re not in season… So add to your impact without adding to your cost by starting with a few good faux flowers and adding in basic green clippings to fill out the arrangement. These magnolia flowers from Walmart came alive when I clipped three little branches from a bush in my yard and filled out the vase to set our Easter table this year.

Beautiful table centerpieces and floral arrangements- Maison de Pax

5. Embrace asymmetry
Perfectly symmetrical, tall arrangements are not only harder to achieve, they give off a formality that suggests weddings or funerals to me. They can be gorgeous, but they aren’t exactly the look I’m going for in my own home. When I was staging a photographing my sweet friend’s modern farmhouse fixer upper, I found this little orange tree growing delightfully asymmetrically on the back porch, and I couldn’t resist plopping it down on her kitchen table. The informal yet dramatic effect is simply perfect, don’t you think?

Easy tabletop floral arrangements- Maison de Pax

So simple. So dramatic. So beautiful. With any of these high-impact floral arrangements, I have not only saved time (because seriously, we are talking 1.5 minutes to create them), but I am successfully distracting visitors from the dirty floors, extra toys, and messed up throw pillows. Brilliant, right? 😉

Easy high impact floral arrangements- Maison de Pax

Be sure to visit my other sweet friends sharing their 10-minute floral decorating ideas today!


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  1. A small bouquet of flowers is the best accessory for a house! Love these tips!

  2. Beautiful! I have one arrangement of some faux flowering branches in an old glass buttermilk jar that I found in grandparents’ garage attic. It’s my favorite piece of decor in our house. I’m always a little intimidated by decorating with florals (well honestly, decorating at all!) but I love how you break it down and simplify it!

  3. Rachel this is gorgeous!!! Love tall arrangements and you truly make them look spectacular

  4. I LOVE these tips. It’s like you’re giving me permission to go to the least amount of trouble possible. We all want casually chic floral arrangements that are cheap, easy and don’t look like funeral flowers. You nailed it! xx

  5. Is there a way to clean the live branches before bringing them in the house. Wan to make sure no bugs come in with it

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