DIY Rustic Wood Flower Box

You all loved my reclaimed wood carrier I shared a few weeks ago, so I’m thrilled to share this project with you today! Jen from Migonis Home is a doll, and she’s graciously sharing a DIY rustic flower box with you today while I get used to life with little one #3. Thanks for being here, Jen!

Hello Maison de Pax readers! I’m Jen from Migonis Home… I live in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, a very quaint seaside town. We bought a fixer-upper, the only kind of single family house we could afford in this expensive town, and have been working on it ever since we purchased it four years ago. You can see our house tour here… about half the house is mostly complete and this summer we have a bunch of other projects we are itching to get to. 🙂

I am sharing with you a project that I featured on my blog a little bit ago but it’s one of my most popular posts. I did had this vision of creating a really great long box out of an old pallet we found on AJ’s dad’s dairy farm in update NY. Here’s what we came up with:

Here’s how you can  make your own: 

Step One: Break apart your pallet. AJ did this since the nails were so rusty and old I couldn’t get them to budge.


Step Two: take the four boards you have pried loose from the pallet and line up three of them in a U shape like you see here. To make our lives easier and keep with the imperfect rustic-ness of the pallet with didn’t even out any of the ends of the boards with a sander or a saw. I loved how natural it makes the box feel with the original edges.
The photo above shows how I initially placed the fourth board to measure it for cutting. The easier way will be for you to place it vertically inside the boards you have lined up and just make a mark that way. It’ll be the correct width. This way it’ll be sitting on top of the bottom of your box (see the photo below). See how imperfect and warped this is?
Step Three: I used an electric drill to place the screws into the box because the wood was too hard for normal nails. Even after using the drill AJ still had to go back and screw them in a little tighter for me. And, because the wood was harder than we thought we couldn’t use a hand saw to cut the end pieces, AJ had to do that with his table saw and screw those into the long sides of the pallet.
Then I had the fun job of filling the box… I had a vision of using tulips and eggs from our chickens (we have six chickens, if you haven’t caught that from any previous posts). I wanted a natural, earthy and rustic look. Did you gather that already by the wood the box was made out of? 🙂 I took my short juice glasses and filled them with gorgeous flowers.
Then, because I needed some height I tore apart an old lawn and leaf bag and stuffed it in the spots in between the three juice glasses. The bag was great because it was more firm than using tissue and it was the nice brown kraft paper color so if a little showed through the moss and eggs it wasn’t the end of the world.
Here it is with the eggs (the plain brown ones were from our chickens) and then colored ones are some I found on clearance at Joann Fabrics. The moss rocks are from the Dollar Store.
I love this little bird. I found it at Pottery Barn on their clearance shelf.
I put a little glass of jelly beans at everyone’s place. Not surprisingly at all, AJ ate the most of his… and I think he somehow snagged my sister’s as well. 🙂
Thank you for inviting me to join you, Rachel, while you enjoy snuggling with your newest little one!
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