Paint Dipped Basket: Operation Organization

I hope I’m not the only one who just can’t keep up sometimes… who completely forgets that people are coming over, or goes to the grocery store only to come home with everything except the one thing I went to buy, or looks at her calendar only to find not a single free night in the next three weeks. Please tell me I’m not alone.

In an effort to rein things in a bit at Maison de Pax, I’m starting a new project: Operation Organization. I’ve always said this blog was about combining my love of beautiful and functional makeovers with my need to process things so I can be intentional in pursuing peace… I’m telling you – Operation Organization feels like a life-or-death assignment these days! So to kick off my series, I give you this paint dipped basket.

update an old basket with a fresh coat of paint via #diy #decor #makeover

I hope to share little things I’ve made or done that will be fun, beautiful, thrifty, etc. BUT also help me put my ducks in a row…

update an old basket with a fresh coat of paint via #diy #decor #makeover

This little basket was holding my fabric scraps, but it was taking up space in a WAY overcrowded closet because the very orange streak didn’t complement anything in my house.

update an old basket with a fresh coat of paint via #diy #decor #makeover

And what do I do to everything? Why, whitewash it, of course! 😉 No really, I decided it needed a little neutralizing, so I used Lazy Linen and Rocky Mountain (two gorgeous new colors from Country Chic Paint) to make it more my style.

update an old basket with a fresh coat of paint via #diy #decor #makeover

Now it can sit in any corner, looking beautiful, and hiding my enormous pile of I can’t bring myself to throw anything away fabric.

update an old basket with a fresh coat of paint via #diy #decor #makeover

I’ll give a tutorial soon, but for today I simply wanted to post the project.

Operation Organization, that is… Who’s with me?

update an old basket with a fresh coat of paint via #diy #decor #makeover

Disclaimer: As a part of the Country Chic Paint blogger squad, I do receive compensation in the form of goods and products from Country Chic Paint, but, as always, all opinions are 100% my own!


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  1. Rachel, I think my soul purpose is to organize everything and everyone! 😉 When my 2 sons were still at home my husband used to joke that I lived with the 3 bears and furniture! LOL Needless-to-say I was always organizing!

    Great idea for your basket and I know, I can’t throw fabric out either, but I have a little rule now, if the scrap piece doesn’t meet a certain size I have to throw it out and I do it immediately, because if I hesitate it will go with the keepers!

    1. I love it, MaryJean!! You may have to come over here and organize my closets for me. 😉 And your fabric plan is brilliant. Thank you!!

  2. I love love this :). I have some old baskets that will be making the move to our new home this winter. I was planning on painting them white. But love the two tone idea. And grey and white are my favorite combo. Just found your blog through cedar hill! Love it 🙂

  3. I have just gotten back I to loving baskets all over again, and I took an old vintage thrift shop sewing basket and spray painted the whole thing inside and out with a wonderful grey, perhaps a bit lighter then the grey band around the bottom of yours, I loved the transformation from dated mint green to a French grey.

    Love your basket here and your beautiful display of inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing… Found you over at Cedarhillranch.
    Nice getting to know you.


    1. Ooooo your new basket sounds lovely, Dore! I’m so glad you came to visit from Cedar Hill, and I hope you’ll come back often!!

  4. What a fabulous change – the white and grey is so much softer and more subtle!! Perfect for your style! And now I have to go check out those candlesticks…

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