DIY Planked Gray Chalkboard

Chalkboards are nothing new. I’m still a fan, but I realize that DIY chalkboards have been around for quite some time… but this one I made recently has two fun characteristics: it’s planked. And it’s not black.

Gray chalkboard - so cute! #diy #tutorial

This adorable gray chalkboard (has anyone noticed my gray obsession?!?!) is perfect for a little encouraging message for your loved ones. Or yourself. 😉  It would also be perfect for menu planning or other lists. With a little scrap wood and some Country Chic Paint, you can create this adorable planked chalkboard in almost any color you want!

Gray chalkboard - so cute! #diy #tutorial

I could have used a flat scrap piece, but I thought the planks would be a fun element. Plus, they help the artistically challenged like me as they add lines to help me write straight. 😉

Gray chalkboard - so cute! #diy #tutorial

Want to make your own? Here’s how:

  1. Cut a piece of planking (I used leftover cedar from my whitewashed attic renovation) into three equal pieces, and cut any kind of scraps (I used a 1×2 I found in our shed) into two strips, each a little shorter than the height of the three planks stacked (see image below).
  2. Sand the front surface smooth if necessary, and add glue on the “tongue” part of the planking (regular 1×4’s would work for this, too, and in that case you would simply glue in between the boards).
  3. Drill pilot holes through your 1×2 braces and into each plank (be careful not to drill all the way through the front of your planks!).
  4. Screw one screw into each pilot hole (there should be 6 total).
  5. Paint with 3 thin coats of any color of Country Chic Paint (I used Cobble Stone).
  6. Season with chalk (which is a fancy way of saying rub chalk all over the whole thing and then wipe it off).

Gray chalkboard - so cute! #diy #tutorial

I love that I can have a chalkboard that’s not just black (did you know that all Country Chic Paint can function as a chalkboard surface if you don’t use a top coat?!), and the planks add just a bit of dimension to the piece.

Gray chalkboard - so cute! #diy #tutorial

Chalk art may not be my strongest suit, but I do like having a little piece that I can use to inspire myself and my family… What would you do with yours?

Gray chalkboard - so cute! #diy #tutorial

Disclosure: As a member of the Country Chic Paint Blogger Squad, I have received compensation in the form of product, but, as always, opinions and poor handwriting are entirely mine!


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!! I’ve got to get some Country Chic Paint!!! I’d love to have a colorful chalkboard!!!!

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