Anthropologie-Inspired {No Sew} Heart Pillow

Well, it’s officially February. I’ve never been one to decorate extensively for Valentines’ Day, but I had fun last year adding a few little touches to my home, like this Anthropologie-inspired no sew heart pillow.

Anthropologie inspired NO SEW heart pillow from drop cloth | #knockoff #valentines

I originally shared this on Love Grows Wild, but in the spirit of love, I thought I’d share it with you all today, too. I also made these super fun X and O pillows (an Anthropologie knock off, too!) last year. Any excuse to cuddle with Mr. Pax and the kids on the couch, right? 😉

Anthropologie inspired NO SEW heart pillow from drop cloth | #knockoff #valentines

But this pillow was SO easy to make, it’s almost scandalous. I came across this beautiful pillow from Anthropologie when I was looking for some Valentine’s inspiration, but at $198, I couldn’t quite justify the expense. Instead, I made one for free! I had one drop cloth envelope pillow cover leftover from my DIY Sharpie pillows at Christmas, and I had some other drop cloth scraps that were a slightly different color. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, drop cloth is an excellent investment. ;) I am still using small scraps from my DIY smocked living room curtains (after a roman shade, crib skirt, and other pillows!). I love this stuff.

Anthropologie inspired NO SEW heart pillow from drop cloth | #knockoff #valentines

All you need:

  • a drop cloth pillow cover (see how I made my own quick covers at Christmas)
  • drop cloth scraps of a slightly different color than the pillow cover
  • scissors
  • paper or cardboard a little smaller than your pillow cover
  • fabric glue

Make your own 15 minute Anthropologie pillow!

  1. Cut out 40-50 little hearts of varying sizes (mine varied from ~1-4″). Don’t forget your elementary school training: fold the fabric in half to create symmetrical hearts.
  2. Place a layer of paper or cardboard inside your pillow cover (I used parchment paper) so that you don’t accidentally glue your cover together!
  3. Lay out your hearts on the front of the cover until you like the look.
  4. Glue each heart to the cover: place a thin bead of fabric glue ~1/4″ inside the edge of each heart.
  5. Let dry.

Using only a small bead of glue keep your pillow from getting too heavy, and putting the glue 1/4 inch from the edge allows that 1/4″ of heart to fray, giving the pillow the texture that makes it especially beautiful.

Anthropologie inspired NO SEW heart pillow from drop cloth | #knockoff #valentines

I added a little layered element in the bottom right corner, just for fun.

Anthropologie inspired NO SEW heart pillow from drop cloth | #knockoff #valentines

The inspiration pillow actually sewed on each little heart, but I decided that you can’t be NO SEW and 15 minutes of effort, right?! And truth be told, I’ve kept this pillow out year-round since then… It’s the perfectly textured, layered, neutral touch in my daughter’s nursery. It may make its way downstairs this week, though. Like I said, an extra reminder to hug the ones I love is never a bad thing. 😉

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Anthropologie inspired NO SEW heart pillow from drop cloth | #knockoff #valentines


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  1. Great idea,i have a plain pillow i was wondering what i could do ,this is perfect. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

  2. Looks so cute, Rachel. I think i will invest in some drop clothes 😀 before the price goes up ! I don’t own a sewing machine but i have been known to get the ole glue gun out or sew by hand. I use to make small pillows out of a placemat folded in half, it’s the perfect size for the small pillow inserts that are (I’m guessing now, its been so long ) 9×14. Something like that anyways. So thanks for reminding me, I do like the idea of fabric glue better. Happy Valentines Day Rachel.

  3. That is so cute! Pinning and I will most definitely be making one. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  4. consider this project done over at my house. I love it. I’m thinking of what other shapes I could do…so cute. thanks for the tips

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