I’ll Have a Blue Christmas… Wreath

Last Friday, I had the privilege of sharing my blue ornament ideas (hello, icy blue pinecones!) along with several other very talented bloggers in the Blue Christmas Blog Hop.  Today, I want to share with you a VERY simple way to add blue (or any non-traditional color, for that matter) to your Christmas decor with this wreath:

Traditional Christmas Wreath with Touches of Blue

It’s not rocket science, and there’s certainly no need for a tutorial…

blue christmas wreath

I simply added some of those beautiful, glittery pinecones to an old wreath and hung it in front of an old window frame in my living room.  Honestly, I’m not much of a wreath person (gasp!  Is that somehow sacrilegious in the blog world?!?), but I really like this here.

blue wreath angle

I haven’t used a wreath on my door in years because we have a double front door, but this spot may lay claim to my very few wreaths from time to time.  I think part of what I love is that it blends with the decor in the room.  I chose the blue glitter because it was the closest I could find to the gray blue hues already in my living room, and I found ribbon that almost matched.

blue wreath ribbon close

This way, the blue blends in with the room and allows the Christmas decor to merely complement what’s already there.  You could do this with any accent color in your home.

blue wreath full wall

I also love the juxtaposition of the glitzy glitter with the rustic old window frame.  The contrast is probably my favorite part.

blue wreath close 2

What do you think?  What non-traditional colors could you add to your Christmas decor in this way?  Don’t forget to visit the other gals in the Blue Christmas Blog Hop for more great ideas!

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Blue Christmas Blog Hop

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  1. So pretty and subtle Rachel- I love the hit of blue on the tips of your pine cones – and a wreath hung on an old window frame is my favourite!! Love it!

  2. oh! your wreath is so pretty, I really like it and love the touches of blue :-) & of course, I love how you framed it; great idea! :-)
    visiting from The Dedicated House party :-)

  3. Linsey @ Farmhouse Porch says:

    I adore it!!! Love the subtle blue glitter and the window frame!

  4. This wreath is looking so beautiful and I love how you have used those pinecones. Rachel…I love to use natural elements for home decoration so, I will definitely make this.

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