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Clear step-by-step instructions to create your own Restoration Hardware inspired vintage Paris map at maisondepax.com
Easiest tutorial ever for converting regular curtains into blackout curtains with NO SEWING at maisondepax.com
Full tutorial on creating this gorgeous, vibrant yet vintage look with milk paint at maisondepax.com

Big Island Kitchens

gorgeous kitchen round up at maisondepax.com #kitchenisland #whitekitchen #bigisland #paintedkitchen

Do you ever get so caught up in things that your mind just whirls in circles until you are literally nauseated?  Like you've spent hours on a tilt-a-wheel?  I'm a bit ashamed to say that my obsessive compulsive brain tends toward that fairly often... So in an attempt to get the madness out of my head and onto some paper my computer, I thought I'd share with you some of these amazingly gorgeous kitchens I've been scouring lately (just click the photos for the original source). And yes, … [Read more...]

DIY Housewarming Gift

creative, thoughtful, personal - this DIY housewarming gift from maisondepax.com is perfect! #plant #pot #housenumbers #paintedwoodsign

There's nothing quite like the mind of a 4 year old... His understanding of my blog consists of approximately three concepts: Everything he finds or "creates" could be a "project" for the blog. Any person he sees on my computer screen (from pop-up ad models to Brad Pitt) is a "blog friend?" And any house that appears on my computer screen (even Buckingham Palace) is one my "blog friend's houses?" That last one kills me: his insistence that each photograph is a place where someone … [Read more...]

Moonlight and Mason Jars #65

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I promised some exciting news yesterday, and I'm sure you've been waiting with bated breath.  So without further ado... Welcome to week 65 of Moonlight & Mason Jars! I am so excited to join with four other amazing bloggers to bring you a place to share your work and gather some inspiration.  I'm sure you already know who these ladies are - since they are AWESOME! - but just in case, you can find all our social media links below! :) Five Heart Home | Pinterest | Google+ | Twitter | … [Read more...]

Paint Washed Terra Cotta Pots

Create your own aged patina on terra cotta pots with this simple tutorial!

Before I share today's little project, I have a carrot to dangle in front of you...  Come back tomorrow night at 10pm to find out!  (Or if you are asleep then, come back Wednesday morning! ;))  And now back to today's regularly scheduled program. With summer, my mind always turns to indoor/outdoor projects, and this one is no exception.  I love terra cotta, but the orangey red doesn't match my house's interior or exterior, so I thought a little wash effect might be nice.  And I love the … [Read more...]

Tomato Basil Couscous

10 minutes or less! Delicious chicken, tomato, and basil couscous at maisondepax.com is a healthy and easy family favorite.

There's nothing better than delicious food... am I right?  Unless, of course, that mouth-watering, savory goodness has amazing memories.  And if it's good for you, too?  Well, my friends, then you've hit a home run.  And that's exactly what this delicious, 10 minute meal (seriously!) is: healthy meets delicious with a dose of quick and easy.  Win. This dish always reminds me of our time in Paris.  We lived there for two years, and that was my first introduction to couscous (because, … [Read more...]

So somebody thinks you’re crazy?

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I get it a lot: bonkers, off my rocker, certifiable... Exhibit A: When 6 months pregnant, we tore out our laundry room for a complete makeover, only to be distracted a month later by the opportunity to finish out our attic. Exhibit B: Taking that opportunity, we made the attic into a fourth bedroom / bonus room, doing much of the work ourselves... staining and whitewashing planks, building a bookcase, laying flooring, trimming it out, and decorating it. Exhibit C: Throughout those … [Read more...]

Decoupaged Antique Map

create your own rustic, antique map with this tutorial at maisondepax.com

Houston...  It may not be glamorous, or beautiful, or sophisticated, or less than a million degrees in the summer, but it's home. I recently had to say goodbye to a friend who moved back to the Pacific Northwest.  Houston was only her home for a year, but we got to know each other during that year, and I am so sad to see her go!  I wanted to make her something to remember her home here, however brief it was... So I sort of combined my giant decoupaged map of Paris and my … [Read more...]

DIY Weathered Wood Box

Simple tutorial for creating a weathered, rustic wooden box at maisondepax.com. Great for centerpiece, flowers, vases, jars, etc.

Today's project is a special deal: two tutorial for the price of one {the price is, of course, free... but who's counting ;) }. I wanted something that would fit our long, narrow dining table.  I love our dining room furniture (though, naturally, I'm dying to paint it... just give me 6 or 7 hours of free time!) - it's curvy French legs, it's gorgeous patterned wood top, the fact that it belonged to my great grandmother... all pros.  But I find that most things I try to put in the center … [Read more...]

It’s what’s inside that counts…

gorgeous chalk paint gray farmhouse dresser with painted drawers at maisondepax.com

We all know this to be true... But it's easy to get caught up in outward appearances, whether that's clothes, home, car, or being pretending to be that person who "has it all together."  Does anyone really have it all together?  There's nothing like a new baby to give you a heaping dose of reality. Reality 1: There are times when I literally cannot remember the last time I showered. Reality 2: Yes, we have a 6' by 4' hole in our kitchen ceiling because it began pouring water during the … [Read more...]

Painted “Grain Sack” Pillow Covers

Find out how to make beautiful "grain sack" pillow covers for just $4 at maisondepax.com! #paint #diy #ikea #hack

If you follow me (and I hope you do!), you've seen these pillows popping up around my house...  I really wanted to lighten things up for the summer, and these pillows were just the key!   Plus, with a new baby in our house, quick projects are all I have time for right now... and I know you're going to love this easy one as much as I do! I started with these pillow covers from Ikea.  At $4 each, you really can't go wrong.  I've also made my own envelope pillows from drop cloth in the past … [Read more...]