Wide Plank Oak Floors

Looking for wide plank oak floors? These gorgeous, rustic oak floors are a beautiful medium brown and wire brushed for a textured perfection.

I shared a little sneak peek of our new wood floors last week and on Instagram and got so many questions… I thought you might like the full reveal.

gorgeous wide plank European oak floors: the perfect brown and just a little rustic | maisondepax.com

Do you remember what it was like before? Now there are engineered wood floors (which means a real wood layer over some plywood layers – like a veneer on furniture) by Green World Industries. We chose a 7.5″ oak plank (the “Artisan Montmajour”) with a UV oil finish. We’ve only had them for a few months now, so I can’t speak to their longevity yet. For now, I just want to say how thoroughly pleased we are, especially with the new light gray walls.

gorgeous wide plank European oak floors: the perfect brown and just a little rustic | maisondepax.com

We painted the walls the same color as my daughter’s nursery from our last home (Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray), and I love how the light warm gray complements the true brown floors. We had them installed throughout the downstairs and on the stairs themselves (I’ll show you what we did upstairs later)…

gorgeous wide plank European oak floors: the perfect brown and just a little rustic | maisondepax.com

I think they are gorgeous, rich, and rustic, all at once. They pair well with our traditional rugs.

gorgeous wide plank European oak floors: the perfect brown and just a little rustic | maisondepax.com

And our more formal antiques.

gorgeous wide plank European oak floors: the perfect brown and just a little rustic | maisondepax.com

But I love how they complement our more rustic furniture, as well.

gorgeous wide plank European oak floors: the perfect brown and just a little rustic | maisondepax.com

And yes, the downstairs includes our kitchen and breakfast area. So far, we love them there, too.

gorgeous wide plank European oak floors: the perfect brown and just a little rustic | maisondepax.com

Probably the only thing I don’t love is how they look with the current color of our cabinets, but those will probably be painted eventually anyway. 😉  The other current question is the stairwell…

gorgeous wide plank European oak floors: the perfect brown and just a little rustic | maisondepax.com

Because of time and money constraints, we opted to simply leave the staircase (which was formerly carpeted) and simply fill in the previously carpeted section with the wood planks to match the floor. The installers did a beautiful job, but now we can’t decide if we ought to paint some part of it white. It seems a lot of wood.

gorgeous wide plank European oak floors: the perfect brown and just a little rustic | maisondepax.com

You can’t quite tell from the pictures, but I need to paint the spindles a true white anyway (they are about 5 shades yellower than the rest of the trim)… so what do you think? Would you paint any portion of the stairs white or leave them all wood?


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  1. I am absolutely crazy about wide planked floors and these are no exception. I’ve never heard of engineered wood floors, but am fascinated now. I might have to do some research on whether this would be right for us.

    1. We’re these glued down or is it floating? I am attempting to put floors over stained concrete and am told that they won’t adhere. So I am searching for a floating option.

      1. Hi Mandi,

        Unfortunately, they are glued down. I wonder if there is a way to strip the stained finish or prep it in another way for hard wood floors.

  2. The risers on the stairs are a fabulous opportunity to do something stunning (or fun) at a later date. For now, I would paint them white. Later when you are itching for a project there are so many possibilities: a subtle stencil, graphics, flowers in your area, or even a story. In Florida there aren’t many stairs so I have never had the chance to do this fun project! Bonne chance!

  3. Just gorgeous Rachel….I so love wide planked floors…such a rustic elegance of a feel. Really love all of the wood!

  4. What BEAUTIFUL floors! Please do no paint any of them white.
    Rugs are great if you feel there is too much wood. I on the other hand think it is exquisite!!

  5. It looks beautiful, Rachel! I love it:D I’m sure you know this, but, this would be my advice on painting.


    Give it some time to soak in…live with it awhile. Sometimes we can be in such a hurry to “fix something” that drives our “eye” crazy- all to find later that you wish you would’ve done it differently! Lol! It really looks beautiful.

  6. Absolutely stunning! My opinion is to leave them all wood. There is plenty of existing white and gray area to balance your gorgeous sweeping staircase, and painting part of them I believe would cut up the incredible impact they have as a prime feature connecting upper and lower levels. Looking forward to your new projects!

  7. Rachel, the flooring is gorgeous. You and your husband selected well. As for the stairs, living with them for a while seems like a good idea. Chances are, at some point it will become clear what, if anything, you’ll decide to paint. Your taste is exquisite, so I have no doubt your ultimate decision will work beautifully. Cheers, Ardith

  8. Beautiful. If I was going to paint anything on the stairs it would be the bit where the spindle meets the stair, I think it would frame them beautifully. However.. I would wait and live with it a little first before you do anything.

  9. Stairs look wonderful and i love all the wood. I think you should paint your hand rail then step back and see or you could always paint more than the handrail later.

  10. I would be the first to say that painting the risers white would be gorgeous, but I love them the way they are! I’d wait, as several others have suggested. There will be time down the road to add that detail if you wish.

  11. with so much other projects to deal with, this stairwell can wait. it.is. rich. Maybe painting the door would eliminate the “too much wood” . so happy for you with the new home. another blessing! Thank you Lord.

  12. The floors are beautiful, like others have said…give it time. I love the staircase and would not paint it. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the house.

  13. The floors and stairs are absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t paint the risers white. The wood adds even more character and charm to the stair case. Plus if you paint them don’t they eventually get scuffed from shoes. That sounds like more work for me and I always choose the path of less work. Seriously, they look fabulous!

  14. I know you see the beautiful graceful lines your wood handrails make against the light walls. Painting the rails would make them disappear. Also, painting the part of the stair against which the spindles rest would eliminate the wonderful contrast made by the dark edges of the risers and treads when viewed from the outer walls of the stairway.

  15. The new floors looked gorgeous! I love that you went with such wide planks. At this point, I would just leave the stairs for awhile until you have a chance to live with them. It all looks so beautiful!

  16. I would love to know if I could add your photos and a link to your bloog on our GreenWorld Industires website, who installed your floors?

  17. I am in total floor envy! I do believe something like that will have live in the lake house I am fixing and upping. I love the old, distressed look it has. Something my teen boys achieve on their own in our home. 🙂

    Regarding the stairs, I painted the vertical risers on said fixer upper, lake house and it made a huge difference. Huge! It just broke the wood up nicely. Our staircase is visible, like yours, and it made it feel more grown up and chic.

    I was destined to stalk, I mean follow you: agreeable gray is the color I used in both of my moms houses (the one to sell and the one to live in). It is just griege enough to accentuate or tone down nearly every color.

    Love the progress. Stay sane! xoxo

  18. The floors are beautiful but my eyes kept going to the gorgeous stairs! Love them! (Maybe because an affordable makeover on our stairs is my biggest struggle right now lol.) I love fresh white trim detail but do love them as they are as well.

  19. Are you happy with the floors? I have been considering the same one and am wondering how it’s wearing for you.

    1. We have been very happy. We’ve only been here about 3 months, and we have rugs in all the high traffic areas, but we haven’t seen any problem with wear yet. They look gorgeous! Here’s hoping that continues for years to come. 🙂

  20. The floors are gorgeous!!! I think you would regret it if you painted any of the wood white. They are perfect as is!

  21. Do you still enjoy your floors? We are considering these for our downstairs and have so many questions. Maintenance of the oil finish and having them in the kitchen. Thoughts?

    1. We LOVE our floors! After three years, there are only a couple of spots (where we dropped large, heavy items) that show any wear. It’s probably important to note two things, though: we don’t have pets, and I love rugs. So I have rugs in most rooms and in front of both the front and back door… but even with four kiddos and plenty of heavy traffic walkways that don’t have rugs, the floors still look amazing. We do use the natural soap to clean them as the maintenance instructions suggest (we just put it in a spray bottle and use a wood mop), but we haven’t had to re-oil or anything. We’ve had a couple of scratches (like when we moved a piano and my kids dragged my fiddle leaf fig), but I was able to use just a little lemon oil on those and they went away. Like I said, we don’t have pets, but we love them! I hope this helps. 🙂

    1. The white oak was stained by the factory when they created the engineered wood floors. Unfortunately, they don’t sell the stain separately.

  22. I love these floors from Green World! I am currently building a modern rustic home and want to use these floors. However, our alder kitchen cabinets are in production (haven’t picked a stain color yet) and unsure how to pair these floors with alder cabinets. I cant find anything other than painted cabinets with darker floors like this. Any suggestions would so helpful. Thank you!

    1. I’m sorry, I can’t offer a color consultation because I am not familiar with the cabinet color, but I think you can pair warm floors with wood tones even if they aren’t the same stain tone.

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