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I’m a huge fan of making a big impact with a small budget…

Beautiful, creative, and thrifty gift wrap ideas via #diy #Christmas #holidays #craft

Honestly, who isn’t? And I always think back to my wedding when I consider that balance. It was out of a fairy tale: a stunning Spanish-style home complete with an enormous garden courtyard with a fountain, a stone colonnade, a pool filled with floating candles,  a rooftop terrace… all surrounded by woods studded with millions of twinkling lights. The celebration began just after dark, and the myriad of glittering lights was magical. simple and stunning gift wrap ideas: sheet music, brown and metallic paper, silhouettes

No one has to know that the venue happened to belong to my grandparents… so with a little extra work hanging Christmas lights, hundreds of candles ordered months before online, and a friendly volunteer willing to light them all, we had the most glamorous wedding site ever for free… That, my friends, is my kind of party.

Beautiful, creative, and thrifty gift wrap ideas via #diy #Christmas #holidays #craft

And I think every celebration – from once-in-a-lifetime weddings to yearly Christmas wrapping – should have the same effect. Here are my tips for creating the most beauty for the least bucks:

Thrifty: Use free brown bags and real sheet music

For $0.25 at the local used book store, I got an entire book of sheet music, which has lasted me through my sheet music Christmas trees and present wrapping. Real sheet music, as opposed to wrapping paper designed to look like sheet music, is a little firmer and easier to cut out silhouettes. It’s not as large, of course, so it works better for embellishments and smaller packages. For my brown paper, I used the backside of a grocery sack. No one has to know that you paid no more than a quarter for all of it! simple and stunning gift wrap ideas: brown bags, sheet music, and silhouettes

Stunning: Balance rustic, natural textures with more glamorous ones

simple and stunning gift wrap ideas: burlap silhouette against metallic paper

Juxtaposition is my favorite decorating technique. I used it as my guiding principle throughout my entire Christmas decor this year, and I love the result. Putting rough burlap next to shiny gilded paper creates a balance that is both soft and comforting and attention grabbing. You can see the same effect with my sparkly Christmas ornaments against my DIY no-sew tree skirt. Or the DIY vintage marquee lights and the rustic jingle bells and pine cones in my entryway. Oh, and don’t forget that wrapped presents make great easy decor, as well!

simple and stunning gift wrap ideas: juxtapose rustic and sparkly elements

Special: Use 3D embellishments for that extra touch

wrapped presents all

I love using real jute twine (I bought an enormous roll forever ago and still haven’t used it all), especially when wrapping multiple packages; it’s so much stronger than traditional wrapping ribbon. And if you add a little jingle bell or pine cone (hint: just use a dot of hot glue – for a small pine cone, it works perfectly), the 3D effect is impressive.

simple and stunning gift wrap ideas: hot glue pinecones as embellishments

Simple: Don’t forget that it all ends up in the trash eventually! 😉

The most labor-intensive and time consuming thing I did was to print out a dove and reindeer (which I found via google images), cut them out, and trace them onto paper or burlap. That’s. it.  Everything else was choosing the right materials and embellishing with complementary items. I have two small children, neither of whom are school age yet, and one on the way… Let’s just say that wrapping presents doesn’t get hours of attention around here! But that doesn’t mean that I have to settle for less than gorgeous…

simple and stunning gift wrap ideas

And I hope you won’t either!

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  1. Pinned this because I’m totally in love with every little package! It could be coal inside and I wouldn’t care! Lol! I need to learn to wrap like that – I make my husband do all the wrapping with his military precision wrapping skills!

    1. Yay! Don’t let your husband look at the bottom of my packages, then… my corners are FAR from straight! 😉

  2. Rachel,

    So happy to be partying with you today! Love the festive decor….but seriously girl….that tree skirt?

    Love it. 🙂

  3. Oh goodness. Your holiday packages are beautiful and I must say, they simply scream LUXE! I love them. I am so glad that Karianne introduced us via the gift wrap share. I love seeing new sites. xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Tauni!! So excited to make new friends. 🙂 I look forward to working together again some time!!

  4. Hi! Just checking out your post via Savvy Southern Style. First time visitor. BEAUTIFUL WRAPPING!!! Love it all. I bought old sheet music a little while ago to do other things with it but I love your simple and gorgeous designs! Will be back.
    P.S. love your vision statement
    Blessings, Diane

    1. Thank you so much, Diane! I’m thrilled to have you here, and I hope you have a very merry Christmas!!

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