Small Bathroom Vanities for Transitional Bathrooms

Looking for bathroom storage in a small space? Check out these beautiful transitional style bathroom vanities for small bathrooms.

bathroom vanities for small spaces | Maison de Pax

Whatever your style, a small bathroom is a challenge. Creating a functional and beautiful space can be even harder. So I’m here to help with some small bathroom vanities with storage that are perfect for transitional bathrooms.

Since sharing bathroom plans for my parents’ home, I’ve received lots of questions about the freestanding vanity I chose. So I’ve been rounding up vanity options for transitional bathroom designs to share with you all. And today, I’m excited to share small bathroom vanity ideas.

Note: I’ve created a little series of collections to help you shop for vanities.
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painted bathroom vanities | wood vanities | white vanities

Small Bathroom Vanity with Sink

I remember the master bathroom at our first home (pre blogging, unfortunately). The entire room was about 4×6 feet. There was a toilet next to a pedestal sink, and a shower that was small enough I could touch both sides with my elbows while washing my hair.

The master bathroom at our second home wasn’t much better. It was larger, thankfully, but again with a pedestal sink. And this one had a curved top so you couldn’t even set a toothbrush on the ledge without it rolling into the sink. Ugh.

We solved both by remodeling with marble tile floors, subway tile walls, and a simple white vanity. Classic, clean, elegant, and much more storage friendly.

In short, I feel the pain and struggle of a tiny bathroom and the storage challenges it brings. A small vanity with storage below can go a long way towards a functional bathroom, though. Fortunately, I found some darling little vanities with marble or quartz countertops and undermount sinks.

Transitional Bathroom Vanity Options for Small Spaces

Everyone’s idea of a “small space” is different, so if these are too small for you, be sure to check out the other vanities I’ve found that include some modestly sized options: wood vanities, white vanities, and other colored painted vanities. There are some 36 inch bathroom vanities, 48 inch bathroom vanities, and more.

These all provide a little storage beneath as well as the countertop and sink (which is a wonderful cost effective option for bathroom remodels!). I’ve gathered a variety of price points (though all should be much more affordable than custom cabinetry and countertop fabrication).

I’ve also limited my selections to very highly rated pieces. I haven’t seen these all in person (and I certainly don’t have enough bathrooms to posses them all! 😉 ), but I read reviews carefully. I hope you find this collection helpful!

Do you have a tiny bath? Would one of these be a good option?

bathroom vanities for small spaces | Maison de Pax

19″ wood vanity | 20″ white vanity | 17″ blue vanity
26″ black vanity | 30″ wood vanity | 17″ gray vanity
24-30″ white vanity | 20″ navy vanity

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