Simple Holiday Decorating: Christmas Home Tour

These simple holiday decorating ideas in this Christmas home tour will help you focus on what really matters in this Christmas season.

tips for simple, elegant holiday decor: ornaments in a bowl #holidaydecor

Sunday morning I was sitting in my family room with a hot cup of coffee and a roaring fire and overheard my three older kiddos dividing up the nativity felt board pieces (goin’ old school!) to tell the story together. It might have been my best eavesdropping experience ever. 😉

simple neutral holiday decorating ideas #holidaydecorating

Did they tell it perfectly? Not exactly. Did they fight over who got to use the red wise man? Um, yes. But they did it and enjoyed it because they know that the heart of Christmas is not the hype or presents or busy-ness, it’s the celebration of the world’s greatest gift.

And I try to remember that, too.

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been thinking about my Christmas decorations since, well… last Christmas. But I truly have been trying to prioritize the heart of Christmas: to create enough “magic” to make the Advent season as special and exciting as it truly is, without allowing the decorating to distract from what really matters. I’m sure I didn’t do it all perfectly, but I really am so pleased with how it all came together this year: a balance of simplicity and elegance to celebrate the season without adding to the stress.

white and cream and blush Christmas decorations: mantel, flocked tree, stockings #neutralChristmasdecor

Last week I shared 10 tips for simple, elegant holiday decor, and you’ll see many of those ideas here today. But for today, I want to give you a glimpse of how it all came together in our home, especially in our living room. And since my goal was a bit of simplicity, it seems the perfect thing to share for the Seasonal Simplicity tour with my friends Krista of The Happy Housie and April of House by Hoff. I’m so pleased to join them today; be sure to visit all the other tours linked at the end of the post!

Now, without further ado…

A Southern Magnolia Christmas Entryway

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Please, come in. (And you can read more about our front porch here.)


southern style winter porch: magnolia wreath and garland, adirondack chair, cozy accents #winterporch

A Blush Holiday Flocked Christmas Tree

blush flocked Christmas tree #flockedtree

You can read more about how simply we (meaning mostly my 3, 5, and 7-year olds) decorated this tree here.

Neutral Christmas Decorations in the Living Room

I carried the snowy look with neutral and blush accents into the living room this year.

flocked trees with blush ornaments #flockedtree

white Christmas decor with touches of blush #holidaydecor


Yes, I caved and purchased two (very affordable, actually) flocked trees this year. I love how easy it is to decorate a flocked tree. This one just got a few inexpensive sparkly branches, a little polyester pillow stuffing, and about 15 sparkly metallic ornaments. It took about 15 minutes to decorate, seriously.

flocked tree with neutral decorations beside a mantel with cream and white stockings #neutralChristmasdecor

I didn’t change a thing on my bookshelves, and the mirror is the one I’ve had there since we completed our fireplace renovation last year. I added the flocked garland and my favorite vase with a few ornaments that match the ones on the tree. So so easy.

white Christmas decor with a flocked tree and touches of blush #neutralchristmas


I used my favorite stocking hanging trick, but this time I threaded the wire through a scrap of copper pipe I had leftover from my daughter’s nursery. I had several white stockings from years past, but I picked up a few more at HomeGoods so we would have enough for our family (of six!!!).

brilliant! Learn how to hang your stockings from a piece of copper pipe to simplify your Christmas decorating or save space if your holiday decor needs to be small #christmasstockings

white knit stockings and other neutral Christmas decorations #neutralchristmasdecor

The antique look of our brick already complemented the blush tree, but I added a few ornaments to my favorite bowl on the ottoman and this gorgeous wrapping paper to complete the look.

blush ornaments in a raw wood bowl make gorgeous neutral holiday decor #holidaydecorating

blush and gold Christmas presents #blushandgold


I love how the simple touches of easy-to-decorate trees, basic garland on the mantel, stockings, and a bowl of ornaments transforms the entire space… giving it a winter-wonderland feeling without taking too much time or trouble.

whites, creams, and touches of blush create neutral holiday decor in this Christmas living room #holidaydecor

blush and white Christmas decor #flockedtrees

blush ornaments and a flocked tree... easy, neutral feminine holiday decor! #neutralholidaydecor

Simple Greenery in the Dining Room

And since I firmly believe that (as I’ve shared on Instagram a few times) #youcanneverhavetoomanychristmastrees, I couldn’t resist adding a simple, naked tree to our dining room this year.

simple naked green tree is perfect for neutral holiday decor #nakedtree


I love how it balances the flocked tree in the stairwell.

large flocked tree and smaller green Christmas tree for a soft, neutral holiday combo #christmastrees

And it couldn’t have been easier. I just set it up, fluffed it, and wrapped a blanket around the base.

simple undecorated green tree is so classic and elegant #christmastree

And it was the perfect backdrop for the green and gold holiday tablescape I made this year.

green and gold tablescape, natural centerpiece, green garland, #holidaytablescape


Holiday Touches in the Kids’ Room

I just couldn’t resist sharing a sneak peek of my boys’ room. I opted not to decorate the kitchen (like I did last year) or my bedroom (which I also did last year) because, well, remember what I said about simplicity and busy-ness this season? But the kids asked for some holiday sparkle in their rooms… and we had a sweet time doing it together.

simple holiday decor in a kids room, advent calendar, garland #Christmaskidroom

garland and advent calendar, holiday decor in kid's room #holidaydecorating


I’m excited to share more details of the kids’ room and our DIY advent calendar later this week. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed today’s tour! Be sure to pin it for later if you did.

Christmas Home Tour: simple decorating ideas for a beautiful holiday home with neutrals and natural greenery #holidaydecorating

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, friend! So light, airy and fresh. Welcoming and cozy for Christmas. Thanks for joining us on this tour!

  2. A tree in every room yes please! Love your ornaments – less is more and so refreshing. It’s all so beautiful.

  3. So gorgeous! I just love your home. How sweet was that moment with your kids, so true that’s what it is all about. Your Christmas decor is just dreamy. Simple and chic all at the same time. Love it all! Merry Christmas!

  4. It all looks so stunning, Rachel! The wood tones in your home are perfection. I noticed you swapped out your fabric chairs in your dining room. I like the new ones. Did you keep your fabric chairs? Are you going to switch them out periodically? I am just wondering because I really liked the fabric ones you had too!

    1. Thank you so much, Marly! The fabric ones are my favorite, but they were my great grandmothers and are a little delicate. After we broke three of them, we decided to store them for the next few years until our kids are older. Especially since we use this room as our school room, sturdy chairs were kind of a must. But I definitely won’t be getting rid of the fabric ones!

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