Paper Flower Wall Art in the Nursery

Almost all neutral, a very pale blush on the walls and soft, paper flower wall art over the crib… A sweet, soft, feminine space!


I. can’t. even.

Paper flower wall decor- Maison de Pax

I’ve been imagining this for about five months (which for a girl who changes her mind on her decor about as often as she changes her clothes, is a long long time)… Ever since we knew that we were having another girl. But at that time the nursery was still being used as a guest room, and after that it became storage while we renovated our bathrooms.

Now that I’m 39.5 weeks pregnant and hoping to deliver any day, I guess it’s a good thing I got this far. There are still several details missing, but if they don’t happen this week, we’ll all survive. 😉

feminine baby girl nursery- Maison de Pax

I have a full tutorial coming for you soon because YES, I. made. these. UPDATE: here is the tutorial!

All the feels: pride, awe, gratitude, and heart eyes… Plus the sweet welling up that comes from knowing that my daughter will soon have a sister. And, a little hint at the name we chose (which I’ll tell you once she’s born).

Paper Wall decor in nursery- Maison de Pax

I shared my favorite blush colors here, along with tips for picking the best one for your space. Here’s the scoop: I chose My Sweetheart by Behr, and I love its barely barely blush hint.

Soft baby girl nursery- Maison de Pax

With the natural colored paper flowers (and don’t worry, I’ll spill all the details about what paper to buy and how to make these very soon! update: here are the details!), I’m just smitten.

Paper flowers on pink wall- Maison de Pax

DIY paper flower- Maison de Pax

paper flowers- Maison de Pax

Paper flowers above the crib- Maison de Pax

paper flowers made with french paper- Maison de Pax

So here’s to the sweet smells, snuggles, and sass of little girls. We’re excited to meet ours in just a couple of days… Thanks for joining me at this special time, friends!

Update: get the tutorial for these flowers here!


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  1. Rachel, it’s so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this with us! Praying for a precious and wonderful time with your family. ☺️

  2. Yes! My Sweetheart! Excellent choice!

    The flowers are beautiful! Looks like a garden of roses! 😉

  3. Rachel everything is so beautiful in the nursery. I really want to see how you made those gorgeous flowers. Wishing you a speedy and easy delivery!

  4. Wonderful! Praying for a quick and easy birth, and adjustment to new baby for you! I’ve done this 9 times, and know well that you need all the prayer you can get. : ) What an exciting time!

  5. Love your calm decorating. Hope everything goes safely for you and your soon to be new daughter, during your labor and delivery. Where can I find the directions for the paper flowers?

  6. Lucky little girl coming into such a loving family!! Best wishes. She’s going to love her beautiful room!!! She has a lovely and talented Mommy to care for her!! God Bless you all.

  7. This is adorable! Can’t believe you made these yourself in a DIY project and I look forward to reading the full tutorial when it is posted. Congratulations on your pending new daughter

  8. The flowers are lovely…..and so fabulous. Can’t wait to see how you made them. I hope you have a fast and safe delivery….I am so excited for you. A new baby is truly a miracle

  9. Oh your sweet little blessing will love looking at these. If I could talk my kids into one more lol.Praying for you & baby.

  10. Your wall art is stunning!!! I pray blessings for you, your family and new member. I can’t wait to know what her name is. TFS

  11. Rachel this rose sculpture is beyond beautiful. Your little one will be so relaxed in the sweet oasis that you have created just for her. All the best can’t wait to see your new arrival. Hugs from your loyal blog follower in CT.

  12. Rachel what an amazing idea for a blessing from God!
    I’m going to guess ROSE will love them?
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Hello, this nursery is beautiful! I’m looking for a pale pink and will definitely be trying out this color. I also love the pillow, do you recall where you got that? thank you! Congrats on the baby girl, what did you name her?

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