How to Make a Paper Heart Chain

Learn how to make a paper heart chain with this easy tutorial! It makes a perfect decoration for Valentine’s Day.

How to Make a Paper Heart Chain- Maison de Pax

I know I’m not the only one who watches Downton Abbey…

Call it one of my historical-fiction-loving guilty pleasures.

But I also know there are plenty of people who are a season or two behind. So without giving anything away, at the recent wedding of ______ and ______ on Downton Abbey (see how hard I try to take care of you all?! 😉 ), I simply could not get over the beautiful simplicity of the white paper bunting.

I mean, really. Like I wanted to hang it all over my house.


You probably saw the result of my inspiration in last week’s Valentine’s decorations post.

sewn white paper flags draped around a wine barrel chandelier for a festive look- Maison de Pax

But since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I thought some simple white hearts were an appropriate variation, so I whipped up a little heart paper chain, and I thought you might like to see how. It’s so easy, and the result is just the perfect, simple touch of love for your home.

  1. Cut white paper into long strips a touch taller than the desired height of the finished hearts. (Tip: while printer paper will work, I used a roll of butcher paper so I would have a longer sections.)
    cut strips of butcher paper to make paper heart chain- Maison de Pax
  2. Fold your paper accordion style (each fold will be 1/2 the width of a single heart).
    fold paper accordion style to create a paper heart chain- Maison de Pax
  3. Make two cuts (in the shape of half a heart), making sure to leave a portion of the outside edge uncut (see picture below).
    how to cut a paper heart chain- Maison de Pax
  4. Unfold the accordion and use clear tape to attach multiple sections together for a longer chain.
    tape sections together to make a longer paper heart chain- Maison de Pax

Maybe not quite as charming as the white paper bunting, but still simple and lovely, don’t you think?


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How to Make a Paper Heart Chain- Maison de Pax


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