Firetruck Invitations and Party Favors

I’ve confessed before that I do not consider myself particularly crafty, but I’ve been guilted into inspired by Pinterest to give it my best when it comes to my kids’ birthday parties.  And, after such a wonderful backyard barbecue for my younger son, I knew that Little Pax needed a special shindig for his third birthday.

As with the backyard barbecue, I used Paperless Post for his invitations and was thrilled with the result.  But since I already made homemade mason jar bubbles for the backyard barbecue, I needed a new party favor idea.  I recently shared the chalkboard fire chief helmets I made:

But at fifty cents a piece and very cheap plastic, I thought the kids could use something else in addition.  What better to arm a firefighter with than a water bucket?  (And advance apologies for the grainy photos… I figured out after the hoard of three-year-olds arrived and made a mess that I had my ISO set super high.  Oops!)

So each little firefighter received a “To the Rescue” bucket (also personalized with chalkboard contact paper and a chalk marker, like the fire chief hats) complete with two bottles of water.

And, of course, I had to personalize the water bottles.  This was a new project for me, and though it was very easy, it was time consuming.  Just thought I’d give you fair warning. 😉  I designed the labels in photoshop, printed them on cardstock (I was able to fit 5 per 8.5×11 page; I based the size on the width of a piece of packing tape), and used packing tape all the way around to cover the label.  Using packing tape around the whole thing waterproofs your label so the colors won’t run.

What do you think?  Are these firefighters in training ready for whatever may come?


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