What a Difference a Fan Makes…

Though I am a complete sucker for gorgeous, vintage chandeliers like this one in my entry:

I am also a realist. And the reality is that we are living in Houston, Texas (aka the tropics) in a home with a wildly inadequate cooling system. (And yes, we are still saving for the $15K+ that it’s going to cost to replace it… Any sponsors out there want to offer me something?!?!). In spins the ceiling fan.

In all it’s glory.

I actually am not all that opposed to how they look. They may not thrill me like a gorgeous chandelier, but these nickel finish ones from Hunter are pretty dang classy, I think.

And oh, what a difference they make. Especially in a small room (this is my husband’s office, the same one where we replaced the floor and recently painted gray, which is ~11’x15′)… And, thankfully, my brilliant husband (who managed to figure out the trigonometry to fix the floor in this same room) knows how to change out a light. 🙂


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