Simple Spring Kitchen Inspiration

Looking for simple spring kitchen inspiration? Get quick tips on adding a fresh, clean feeling to your kitchen this spring without having to buy new things.

Gray and white cabinets and marble countertop kitchen remodel- Maison de Pax

It’s confession time….

I didn’t decorate my kitchen for spring.

Gray and white cabinets and marble countertop kitchen remodel- Maison de Pax

Gasp!  Isn’t that what this post is all about?!?! Kind of.  But this post is also about simplicity. I’m so honored to join my friend Krista from The Happy Housie and so many other talented bloggers for a spring edition of Seasonal Simplicity (be sure to visit them all below!). If you’re visiting from So Much Better with Age, welcome. For whatever reason (maybe it has something to do with four kids, homeschooling, travel, work conferences, baseball, and… you get the idea), actually decorating my home for spring this year didn’t seem so important.

I know. Fire me now, right?

But hear me out. Just because I didn’t bring in new dish towels or new wall art, doesn’t mean I can’t take a fresh angle and perspective. In fact, I think it was kind of good for me to tackle it this way because I simply don’t need more stuff in my home right now.

Satin nickel kitchen hardware with white and gray cabinets- Maison de Pax

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Here are the things that I found helpful in giving my kitchen an easy spring refresh.

Easy Spring Kitchen Refresh:

1. Empty the counters.

I’m not sure about your home, but at my house things slowly earn permanent places on our kitchen counters: vitamins, favorite mini appliances (like our little egg cooker), water glasses… But they really do all have a home in nearby cabinets. It only took a few minutes to arrange the cabinets so these items could return to their normal spots and leave our counters open, giving me a clean slate and space to prep the roses and eucalyptus for my Easter table.

Gray and white modern farmhouse kitchen with marble countertops- Maison de Pax

2. Clean your kitchen.

I am not one for deep cleaning very often, and I confess I didn’t do it right now either… but once the counters are cleared off, it’s important to do a good basic cleaning while you have access, right? You can see all about how I care for my marble countertops here if you’re interested.

3. Reorganize the things that stay on your counters.

It’s sometimes the small things that can make a difference. Using a different pitcher to hold my spatulas or putting the pretty marble salt and pepper shakers that my husband gave me for Christmas well within reach can help the space feel fresh and functional.

White and gray kitchen cabinets and red oriental rug runner- Maison de Pax

4. Add some herbs.

I guess I did purchase one thing this season: a small basil plant from my grocery store which I put in one of my copper canisters. I love to get a fresh basil plant each spring for a few dollars, grow it in the kitchen for a month or so, and then plant it in the garden when the weather is safely past freezing. Easy and a great way to shift my cooking into fresh, lighter meals for the spring.

Gray and white cabinet kitchen remodel- Maison de Pax

5. Enjoy the seasonal produce.

Speaking of spring foods, I love to bring tons of fruits and vegetables into our home this time of year. They are beautiful and delicious, and they add a touch of color to my mostly neutral space, encourage my family to snack in healthier ways, and make incredibly cost effective decor since we eat it all anyway.

Close-up of a bowl of strawberries on a gray and white marble countertop- Maison de Pax

After following these five easy steps, I am definitely enjoying a fresher, simpler kitchen. If you have any questions about our kitchen, please feel free to visit the full post about our kitchen remodel or my general review on having marble countertops. And you can shop the look here:

Or pin it for later!

Looking for simple spring kitchen inspiration?  Find five tips on adding a fresh, clean feeling to your kitchen this spring. #springkitchen #kitcheninspo #marblekitchen #kitchendesign #springdecor #springdecorating #kitchendecor #twotonekitchen

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  1. I’m totally with you, Rachel! It’s so refreshing to keep it simple. Your home and photos are absolutely stunning. Great seeing you this weekend!

  2. Such a great post, Rachel! It’s so true, I don’t need anymore stuff! Love this friend. And your little one is getting so big!
    Hugs, Jamie

  3. Rachel – I love your sentiments! I love your simple ideas to clean out your kitchen and freshen it up for Spring rather than adding! Your kitchen is just gorgeous! Have a great week!

  4. You have a beautiful kitchen and thanks for all the tips, i do need some herbs in my kitchen. Your baby girl is growing so fast and so cute.

  5. Beautiful post and tips! I like to keep things pretty simple in the kitchen, but a good spring cleaning is always in order! So glad you could be part of this tour series:)

  6. I just love your kitchen, Rachel! I think it looks perfect just the way it is, spring décor or not and that little one is too cute!

  7. Honestly I think I enjoyed the photos of that sweet baby more than I would have seeing a bunch of Spring decor ha ha! Love that you kept it simple! XO

  8. I completely hear you on keeping things simple. Four kiddos sure will do that to you! Love this post, and of course, your beautiful kitchen!!

  9. I agree Rachel, that the counters can get cluttered. Especially when you have five grandkids, sleepovers and a smaller home. Love the kids being over, but things can get a little messy. Today will be to straighten up everything for the gang tomorrow! Happy Easter!

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