Pressure Cooker Review and Cookbook

Electric pressure cookers can be incredible time savers for today’s busy family! Don’t miss this pressure cooker review AND a sneak peek of an amazing pressure cooker cookbook full of delicious, family-friendly recipes.

Considering an electric pressure cooker? Check out this review of a Fagor multicooker and find out an incredible cookbook full of pressure cooker recipes!

Amidst homeschooling, having a baby earlier this year, and running my creative business, I recently decided to stop eating wheat and sugar. I realize that those things may seem disconnected, but the reality is that not eating wheat and sugar is really time consuming for this already busy lady because it equals my cooking from scratch more.

A lot more.

Enter my new survival kit:

Considering an electric pressure cooker? Check out this review of a Fagor multicooker and find out an incredible cookbook full of pressure cooker recipes!

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I’ve been hearing about these electric pressure cookers for the last few years, and I kept saying I would get around to trying one… sometime. But life kind of got in the way. Then my amazing friend Cami and her sister Marci of Tidbits wrote this cookbook… And since I have basically loved everything Cami has ever created, I was so honored that she asked me to take a look at her new book. And so it was time for me to finally try the pressure cooker.

master the electric pressure cooker cookbook

Y’all. This thing is amazing. Fagor was kind enough to send me a multicooker to try, and it has been a game changer for this busy mama. It can brown meat, sauté veggies, slow cook anything (with much better results than my old slow cooker)… AND it can pressure cook things in mere minutes.

mini frittatas in the pressure cooker

I don’t think I realized just how quickly you can cook things in the pressure cooker. In less than 20 minutes, I can cook frozen chicken breasts. In 4 minutes I can cook a pork tenderloin. Seriously.

And the recipe for pork tenderloin from Cami and Marci’s cookbook is literally my family’s new favorite meal. In fact, they’ve loved everything I’ve made from it. We even enjoyed one of her recipes that night I told you about

outdoor fall table

Her book is full of ideas that meet my new dietary restrictions. So many fresh, whole food options…

Master the Electric Pressure Cooker Review

And fun new twists on old favorites, like this cauliflower fettuccini alfredo.

cauliflower fettuccini alfredo from Master the Electric Pressure Cooker

And mini fritatas.

mini frittatas from Master the Electric Pressure Cooker

So if you’re considering a pressure cooker, I absolutely recommend the Fagor multicooker. I chose the 8qt for my large family

make mini frittatas in the instant pot

But the 6qt multicooker would be a wonderful option, as well.

And whether you’re new to the pressure cooker or a veteran, be sure to grab a copy of Master the Electric Pressure Cooker.

Or two. Or five. (Think gifts!! 😉 )



Have you tried an electric pressure cooker yet? I’d love to know what you think! And if you have other favorite recipe sources, let me know!


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  1. I have been wanting an electric pressure cooker for so long, I ‘m doing it!!!

    Also, practically No Carb for me for several years, several little ailments have gone away. I am not rigid, I *love* fruitcake at Christmas and candy corn at Halloween. And Cadbury eggs at Easter. So I make allowances for myself.

  2. What accessories do/did you find the most useful with this multi-cooker? I’ve been eyeing them forever and just want to make sure I am successful with it (don’t want something that sits on the shelf to colelct dust 🙂

    1. I’ve actually only used the little egg racks (which I actually haven’t used for eggs, just as a stand to put ramekins on), but I asked for the steamer basket for Christmas, so I’m hoping to try that soon. 😉

  3. We can’t live without our tfal pressure cooker! We cook meals at least once per week using it. My husband used the pressure cooker to cook pork ribs the other day and it was absolutely divine. So juicy and falling off the bone!

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