It’s been a crazy week month at Maison de Pax… which is a long story for another time… but it has me thinking a lot about perspective.

This is the back of our house.

Is it perfect? No. But look where it was when we moved in.

See the sidewalk heading out into the middle of the yard nowhere? And the grass dirt? And the crazy, dangerously low power lines? Not to mention the peeling paint, which you can see better here, along with the spots on the porch wall where the old breaker boxes were removed.

I share this today not so much as a back exterior reveal, but rather a revelation.

Sometimes you cannot look at where you are to see your progress… you have to look at where you’ve been.

I shared a couple of months ago some elaborate brainstorming for our back porch. Now there’s nothing wrong with dreaming (though, naturally, it does lead to decorating ADD), but I’m pleased to say that when I was standing in my yard this afternoon, instead of a list of things to do…

I saw a place for my kids to ride their bikes.

And gorgeous chalk art on the driveway.

And grass for them to play baseball in.

And a shady spot to have a glass of tea in the afternoons.

And a place where my family can find a little {crazy, toddler-boy style, action-packed} peace.

And that is what matters.

Before I forget, I’m thrilled to announce the winners of the FALL blocks were Jennifer Lavallee and Sherry Lykins. Thank you to everyone who entered, though, and if you liked the giveaway, let me know… I might have some more in the future. 😉

Here’s to a week with proper perspective for all of us.

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  1. I so enjoyed reading this Rachel. Sometimes I do need to step back and view my home beyond it’s design imperfections, but for the role it plays- a home for my family to find shelter. A place for my girls to get dirty, giggle, and explore. And a place for my head to rest.

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