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Looking for office inspiration? Check out this masculine, navy blue office with rustic details

deep navy blue office with rustic wood floors, lots of bookcases, and an eclectic, collected vibe

Someone recently told me that she couldn’t believe I had only been in this house seven months because it looked like we had lived here for years (which I think was a compliment 😉 )… But I had to confess that the downstairs is much more put together than the upstairs.

When we moved into this house, everything was cream. Everything.  I’ve been slowly working my way through the upstairs (which basically consists of 5 bedrooms plus a laundry room) painting ceilings white. I then painted the master. And more recently my daughter’s nursery. The next room on the list was the small spare bedroom that we are using as my husband’s office.

deep navy blue office with rustic wood floors, lots of bookcases, and an eclectic, collected vibe

It is far from finished, but I wanted to share its progress with you all. I’ve painted the ceilings white and the walls Secret Society by Behr. Mr. Pax requested a dark, cozy, moody room (think 22 Baker St from the modern BBC Sherlock for inspiration). I knew my red velvet chair would be perfect. Maybe he needs a smoking jacket for his next birthday? 😉

deep navy blue office with rustic wood floors, lots of bookcases, and an eclectic, collected vibe

We were originally planning to do built-in bookcases (like we did in his office at our last house), but we decided to go another direction and are slowly piecing together an eclectic collection of old bookcases instead (some we had, some we purchased, and some we are still planning to make from reclaimed wood). The room is small enough that major built ins might preclude its being used as a bedroom someday… And the old bookcases are a fun touch. The collection of old wood hanging out in our garage (waiting to be stripped of paint and built into another bookcase) is growing…

deep navy blue office with rustic wood floors, lots of bookcases, and an eclectic, collected vibe

It’s a little more dramatic and busier than much of my decorating style, but I think it’s fun to have variety in a home. We have a warmer rug coming (more on that soon – I love the cowhide, but we need something to dampen the sound that travels up the stairs and down the hallway) and some fun accents. Diplomas and personal art are going on the walls eventually, and the room will (hopefully!) take on a fun, collected feel.
In the meantime, forgive my messy pictures (seriously, I did not clean up or stage a single thing for you today! sorry!) and take a look at these lovely spaces that are currently driving my inspiration.

stunning dark teal office with rich wood accents
Source: Design Sponge
giant wall of bookcases - what a lovely office!
Source: Emily A Clark via Southern Hospitality
line the walls with books!
Source: Johanna Vintage

And, just for fun, I pulled together some accessories (other than hundreds of books… which we have waiting in boxes in the closet) that I think would help bring the collected, vintage feel to the space.

love these fun, vintage accessories for use in an office

paint color | brass floor lamp | magnifying paper weight | bicycle bookends | chandelierblue agate

What do you think? Can I get there? I, for one, love the challenge of combining seemingly diverse styles together and trying to make it feel like it fits loosely with the rest of our home. Who else loves a good challenge?

pin it image

gorgeous eclectic offices with decorating ideas |

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  1. Oh I love the one from Dust Jacket!
    Love the wall treatment.
    And the red chair you have is gorgeous!
    Can`t wait for the finished room! 😉

  2. I just stumbled across this not sure how but I was doing two things at once…I was working on a post I hope to have out tomorrow that was a mood board for completing my office and I was working on starting a link party…so I think you were the link party and I saw this post! I love your inspiration wall texture. Looks like you have the blue just perfect! Can’t wait to see where it goes.

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