French Vintage Style: How to Create the Look in Your Home

Have you wanted to create a French Vintage look in your home but don’t know where to start? This post contains 8 tips on how to create the French Vintage look yourself! Jamie from So Much Better With Age does it perfectly, and I’m thrilled to have her here today to share with you.


I’m so excited to be posting on Rachel’s blog today! Rachel and I have been blogging friends for a number of years now and we get to see each other every year at the Haven Conference in Atlanta. I simply adore her and her style and I think my similar style might be something you lovely readers will like.

I live in Vancouver, BC Canada and have been blogging for over five years now. I love all things French and I’m pretty sure that’s how Rachel and I first connected – over our love of France!

I try to incorporate elements in every room that give it a bit of a French flair but it’s definitely not overdone. I love mixing new and old and I’m currently living in an 80s house that was been renovated with modern elements but I added French Vintage decor so I definitely know you don’t need a villa in France to recreate this look (although wouldn’t that be amazing?!).

#1 Chandeliers

I have a chandelier in almost every room of my house but this one in my dining room is by far the largest of them (and my favourite!). Having a chandelier can make the biggest impact in a room to create a French Vintage look.

French Vintage Dining Room- Maison de Pax

Even my office has a chandelier.

French vintage style: french chandeliers- Maison de Pax

#2 Curved Furniture

Every piece of furniture doesn’t need to be curved but a couple of curvy accents chairs throughout your house will do the trick.

French Vintage Living Room- Maison de Pax

#3 Add Some Gold

Gold is so French and I’m so glad it’s made a comeback with home decor. I don’t need everything to be gold though.

This gold mirror (in my powder room) mixed in with a modern light fixture and modern faucet looks great together and makes the mirror really pop.

French Vintage Bathroom- Maison de Pax

Even brushed gold looks amazing like the faucet and handles in my renovated kitchen.

French Vintage Styled White Kitchen - Maison de Pax

#4 Add Some Old

French Vintage wouldn’t be the same without the ‘vintage’. I’m always finding unusual objects that are old to display like using this old champagne bucket as a vase.

French Vintage Kitchen- Maison de Pax

Old books and a set of keys is another way to bring in some old.

French Vintage Decorating Ideas- Maison de Pax

#5 Neutrals

I love white walls with natural woods neutral furniture. Some color is nice to throw in but I usually keep it subtle and pastel.

French Vintage Style - Maison de Pax

French Vintage Living room- Maison de Pax

#6 Baskets

I love baskets and French market baskets are the perfect way to add that French Vintage flair to your kitchen.

French Vintage Kitchen - Maison de Pax

French Vintage basket filled with peonies- Maison de Pax

#7 Flowers

Flowers are a must. Any room just comes alive with even a small bouquet of flowers. Grab your own flower bunches from the grocery store and arrange them yourself to save money.

Kitchen Open Shelving- Maison de Pax

French Vintage Bouquet of Peonies- Maison de Pax

#8 Anything Linen

I love this antique linen runner I picked up in France last year. I love linen clothing and even if it isn’t actually linen, I love a linen look.

French Country Dining Room- Maison de Pax

I hope you found these 8 tips on how to create a French Vintage look helpful!

I’d love for you to pop by my blog to say hi and be sure to grab these free printable cards with matching envelopes for you to download at home.

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8 Tips to Create a French Vintage Look- Maison de Pax

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  1. Your style and your home are just stunning Jamie! Every single detail! Love it all!

  2. Great tips, Jamie! I love your style and all your french vintage touches are just perfect!

    xo Jenna

  3. Love all of this inspiration! Definitely helpful to break down different aspects of the style… my wheels are turning!

  4. Great tips, Jamie! I love your home and especially love the chandie in your dining space!

  5. Your home is an absolutely knock out, Jamie! You can tell every detail has a story and is full of character. I’m so happy you shared it with us!

  6. I’m so happy to finally see this beautiful home… my computer won’t allow me to go to her blog… says it isn’t a secure connection. I don’t know if the problem is on my end or hers….

    1. Oh no! So glad you enjoyed it, but I’ll let Jamie know what you said so she can look into it. 🙂

    2. HI Cindy,
      My site is secure with HTTPS which means you won’t be able to view my blog from some browsers so you might have to try from another browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari etc). I’ve also just put in a question to my tech lady to see if there’s anything that she can do on her end. I hope you come back for a visit!
      Hugs, Jamie

  7. Jamie, I always love seeing pics of your beautiful home. You have a gift of adding french touches without going over the top. Beautiful!

  8. Love your style, Jamie. Have been hunting for a clock like the one in your dining room. Any hints?

    1. This was from my friend Jamie of So Much Better With Age as a guest post! I’m sure if you visit her site, she’d be happy to tell you where they found the clock.

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